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Water account deposits

The Board has determined that all water accounts shall be subject to payment of a $250 deposit in addition to new connection fees, where applicable. The deposit replaces the estimated (projected) water charges that were previously billed quarterly in advance.

Where the projected water charges from the previous quarter exceed the $250 deposit, the excess is credited to the account. If the projected water charges were below $250, the difference is charged to the account. This difference between the projected water and $250 deposit will be reflected on the next statement as a ‘Deposit adjustment’.

Post general questions about this change in the comments section below. Specific account enquiries should be emailed to



Lawn chemical application


Please be advised that we will be carrying out a chemical application around the common areas of the development commencing Wednesday February 1, 2012.

For safety reasons, signs will be placed in the areas being treated and we would ask that parents and pet owners pay particular attention to the affected areas.

**** Update: Work continues February 8th, 2012

**** Update: Work continues February 15th, 2012


Introduction of rolling garbage cans

We have invested in 100 new rolling garbage cans for placement in the common areas. For easy identification they have been labelled as Association property and should not be removed from the location where they are assigned. They are not to be found on private property as they are for the benefit of the community. We expect that this should help to reduce the spread of disease by reducing the amount of household refuse that is disturbed by stray animals. Please use appropriate garbage bags for proper disposal and close the lid securely after use.

Under no circumstances should construction debris be placed in the garbage areas. If large items that are not considered normal household refuse require removal, we recommend using the junk removal service.


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Board Members and Officers following 2011 AGM

The Board of Directors following the 2011 AGM on Friday 20th January, 2011 is as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Constantinos Berdanis (New Board Member)
  • Kenneth Cartwright  (Re-elected at 2011 AGM)
  • Karen Dagenais (Chair – Elected at 2010 AGM)
  • Edward Gardner (Appointed July 2011)
  • Mark Holcombe (Treasurer – Elected at 2010 AGM)
  • Jane McLeod (Secretary – Elected at 2010 AGM)
  • Tony Miaoulis (Re-elected at 2011 AGM)


Announcements Policies

Use of carports for 2012

The Board has agreed to extend the carport usage program (see original post here) until December 31, 2012 subject to payment of a fee of $150 per carport. The spaces shall be allocated on a first paid, first served basis with preference being given to those that took advantage of the program in the previous year.

The spaces are numbered in accordance with the sequence below starting from the West and heading East. Unauthorized vehicles parked in any of these locations after February 29, 2012 shall be subject to removal and storage charges.

To start the application process, please complete the form below and the office will contact you to finalise arrangements.

    Your Name

    Your Email (required)

    Address (required)

    Vehicle license number (required)


    Biographies for 2011 AGM Director Nominations

    George Allen

    Born and raised in the Bahamas, George moved into the Sandyport community in 1990 when the development began. George owns two properties in Sandyport and another in Cable Beach. He resides in one of his Sandyport properties and rents the other properties. As a result, he has a very strong understanding of property management. Having worked as a commercial pilot for the last 4 years, he understands the importance of crew resource management (i.e. working on a team and maximizing resources). In March of 2012, George will graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation from Everglades University. During his free time he enjoys scuba diving and travelling.


    Constantinos Berdanis

    Mr. Constantinos Berdanis started his Development and construction company in 1995. The community which he chose was Sandyport because he saw great potential and at that time Sandyport was quite undeveloped. Mr. Berdanis first project was a home on Happy Lane. Since then he has built over thirty homes and townhouses in Sandyport. He developed Palms West a gated community in the cable beach area from infrastructure to completion. Mr. Berdanis has also had international experience developing spec. homes and commercial malls in Florida. His knowledge and expertise would be a great asset in assisting the committee in reaching their goals. Mr. Berdanis is married with three boys and has lived in Sandyport for many years.


    Kenneth Cartwright

    Has been a member of the Board of Directors of Sandyport Homeowners Association since the hand-over from Sandyport Development to the Association over two (2) years ago. He he has been actively involved in the Sadyport community since he moved to Sandyport in 2004. Mr. Cartwright has considerable experience in developments having developed Brigadoon Estates and New Moon Estates, both on the Eastern Road. He is a partner in Exuma View, a 168 acre development in Little Exuma. Mr. Cartwright was the founder and Managing Director of K. C. New Car Sales Ltd. From 1969 to 2008, when he retired.


    Natalia Dwornik

    Natalia Dwornik moved to Sandyport in 2006 where she lives with her husband and two children aged 9 and 7 in their property on Sandyport Drive. She is 48 years old and originally from the UK, having previously lived in Thailand, St Lucia and Barbados. Her husband Patrick, is originally from the US. For the past 5 years Natalia has been working on the Bahamar Development at Cable Beach as Head of Procurement, where her main focus was the drafting, negotiation and execution of the US$2billion construction contract. Other responsibilities included the procurement of local contractors and suppliers. Natalia holds a BSC in Quantity Surveying and is an associate member of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Her aspiration is to ensure that Sandyport continues to be a safe, secure and beautiful place to live.


    Arinthia S. Komolafe

    Mrs. Arinthia S. Komolafe is a Corporate & Commercial Attorney-at-law called to the bar of England, Wales and The Bahamas. Prior to commencing her private practise, Komolafe Law Chambers, Mrs. Komolafe spent several years working with a local private law firm concentrating on the disciplines of the law of Trusts, Company, Real Property, Contract and Commercial. Mrs. Komolafe also worked in both commercial and private banking for several years and has extensive experience in corporate management and governance. She has worked for banks whose head office are located in Switzerland, Britain and Canada. Further, she headed the corporate department of a Swiss private bank and was responsible for the administration and management of private limited companies, international companies and estate planning and wealth management vehicles. She is a member of the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners and has worked on several working groups of the Bahamas Financial Services Board. In addition, Mrs. Komolafe is well acquainted with laws and regulations impacting financial services, real estate and property development. She is married to Emmanuel Komolafe and together they have three children, Morgan, Alexandria and Joshua.


    Anthony Miaoulis

    Married with 2 children. Lived in Sandyport for 12 years and presently live on Kingfisher Island. Realtor/Developer for Mosko Realty and Pineapple House Development.


    Richard Pears

    • I am a Senior Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants

    • I have been, during my career Managing Director of various well known Public Companies

    • I am currently Chairman of two London Property Companies managing 49 Residences, one of which being considered one of the best blocks in Chelsea

    • I am also currently Chairman of the Advisory Board of a Company with property developments in Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Belize and Bulgaria

    • I am a Partner in Merchant Venture Investments which specialises in Venture Capital projects mainly on the European mainland

    • I own a house at 5 Poinciana Cay and a plot at 10 Royal Palm Cay

    • I am in good standing with the Association

    • I have overseas Property investments not only in The Bahamas but also in St Kitts, Belize, Argentina, Brazil and Switzerland

    • I own various properties in London, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire


    Michael V Roberts

    Michael V. Roberts is the classic American entrepreneur. Born to middle class hard working parents, educated in the public schools, he worked his way through college and law school to become a successful businessmen. Throughout his rise in business, Mr. Roberts maintained a strong commitment to giving back to the community of which he came. Mr Roberts is a permanent resident of the Bahamas. He first invested in Sandyport in 1998 where he built and lived in one of the two first build homes on Water Colour Cay. He and his brother are now the largest property owners in the residential gated community of Sandyport. Mr. Roberts’ broad range of professional knowledge and experience developed as a business owner and encompasses the application of innovative financing strategies for large public projects, public-private sector development negotiation strategies, and successful management techniques for urban commercial properties. His leadership in the creation of innovative strategies for financing of redevelopment projects. In the decades that followed, Mr. Roberts used his extraordinary and creative leadership abilities to build a business empire that encompasses television and radio broadcasting, real estate development, plus hotel ownership and management. Mr. Roberts received his Juris Doctorate degree from St. Louis University in 1974. Prior to graduation from law school, the International Institute of Human Rights, Strasbourg, France (1973); and The Hague, Academy of International Law, The Hague, Holland (1972). Mr. Roberts holds three Honorary Doctorates and is the author the best sellers book Action Has No Season.



    2012 Assessments annual payment deadline notice

    This is a reminder that the deadline to qualify for the 3% discount for payment of the 2012 Assessment expires on January 16th, 2012. We have received numerous requests for an extension to allow time for overseas payments to be processed and the Board has agreed to extend the deadline by a further 7 days to January 23rd, 2012. Full details of the notice can be found here:

    If you require a copy of your statement of account, please email your request to:

    Please be advised that we have received several unidentified payments direct to our bank account and we would appreciate your assistance in confirming the amounts and dates paid to enable us to allocate the funds to the correct account.

    A hard copy list of accounts with significantly past due balances will be available for collection at the Annual General Meeting on January 20th, 2012.

    Announcements News

    Trike-A-Thon Event Notification

    The St. Judes Trike-A-Thon Event will be repeated in 2012 on Friday January 27th, 2012 in Sandyport. The event will take place between the hours of 9:00am and 12:30pm and drivers should be aware that children between ages 2-6 are the main participants therefore extra care should be taken when driving through the property during the event.


    Annual General Meeting 2011 Agenda





    To:  The Shareholders and the Auditors

    The 2011 Annual General  Meeting  will be held on Friday January 20th, 2012 commencing at 5.00p.m. at Tambearly School Hall, adjacent to Phase 5 of Sandyport. Entrance to Tambearly will be through the Sandyport  entrance to the School at the Eastern end of the main road, in  Phase 5.

    The following items of business will be conducted:


    1. The Chairman will call the meeting to order.
    2. It will be determined whether the requirements for a  quorum have been satisfied.
    3. To review and adopt the minutes of the last Annual General Meeting of the Company.
    4. To elect Three (3) Shareholders  to serve as Directors of the Company for a period of  Two (2) years (Article no. 25).

      • Mr. George Allen
      • Mr. Constantinos Berdanis
      • Mr. Kenneth Cartwright
      • Ms. Natalia Dwornik
      • Ms. Arinthia Komolafe
      • Mr. Anthony Miaoulis
      • Mr. Richard Pears
      • Mr. Michael Roberts
    5. To  review the audited Financial Statements for the financial year ending December 31st, 2010.
    6. To consider and approve the Budget for the financial year 2012.
    7. To receive, consider and adopt the report of the Directors.
    8. To approve of the appointment of auditors for the ensuing year and to authorize the Directors to fix the remuneration of the Auditors.

    Dated this 8th day of January, 2012.

    Craig Lines



    (a) Any shareholder entitled to attend and vote at the annual  general meeting of the Company shall be entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote in the members stead and the proxy holder need not be a member of the Company.
    (b) Proxies shall be either left at the Sandyport Management Office in Olde Towne, or communicated to Simon Cooper, the Sandyport Manager, via e-mail. Proxies must be received at least 24 hours prior to the start of the meeting.
    (c) Election of Directors shall be by secret ballot. Every member present in person or by proxy shall have one vote for each share held.

    Notice Of Nominations To Serve On The Board


    A Company incorporated under the Companies ACT

    (“the Company”)


    To:  The Shareholders of Sandyport  Homeowners Association Limited

    Annual General Meeting of the above company to be held on

    Friday January 20th, 2012 commencing at 5.00p.m.

    Take Notice that at the Annual General Meeting a report from the Nominations Committee of the Board of Directors advises that the following shareholders have indicated their willingness to be nominated to serve as Directors if elected by the members:

    • Mr. George Allen
    • Mr. Constantinos Berdanis
    • Mr. Kenneth Cartwright
    • Ms. Natalia Dwornik
    • Ms. Arinthia Komolafe
    • Mr. Anthony Miaoulis
    • Mr. Richard Pears
    • Mr. Michael Roberts

    It has been unanimously agreed that a request for further nominations from the shareholders at large be submitted by the 19th of January, 2012 which is one (1) day prior to the Annual General Meeting to be held on Friday January 20th, 2012.   The vote is to be taken at the Annual General Meeting.

    The Members shall elect Three (3) directors for a term of Two (2) years.

    Dated this 7th day of January, 2012.

    Craig Lines

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