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Shutter installations

In response to the recent increase in demand for shutter installations, the Board has determined that the application fee be reduced from $250 to $50 (plus VAT at the prevailing rate). The rate is effective from January 1, 2018 therefore applicants who submitted an application this year will have their accounts adjusted accordingly.


Unidentified payments

We are in receipt of a number of payments that we have been unable to identify and are held pending verification. Please review the dates and amounts of the transactions below and log in to check if any are missing from your account. If so, please contact us with confirmation of the payment transmission so that we may credit the balance to your account. Please note that there may be a difference between the transmission amount and the amount shown below due to bank charges (normally associated with international transfers):


Date Amount
30-Jul-18 752.00
26-Jul-18 134.40
6-Jul-18 700.00
4-May-18 130.00
6-Mar-18 6.95
20-Oct-17 361.20
20-Sep-17 251.56
21-Aug-17 55.32
7-Jul-17 600.00
29-Mar-17 500.00
12-Oct-16 57.47
17-Aug-16 20.04
5-Apr-16 2,146.03
11-Mar-16 3,028.47
27-Nov-15 363.84
21-Oct-15 0.22
22-Sep-15 353.22
1-Jun-15 692.77
31-Mar-15 293.00
3-Oct-14 484.69
14-Jul-14 60.00
3-Jun-14 613.91
2-Jun-14 350.00
25-Feb-14 575.00
8-Jan-14 1,194.84
20-Dec-13 5,938.88
12-Feb-13 480.00
9-Aug-12 300.17
2-Jul-12 230.00
21-Jun-12 966.18
13-Jun-12 57.78
30-May-12 3,037.34
10-Feb-12 1,200.00
9-Dec-11 29.97
18-Oct-11 288.86
9-Aug-11 643.27
15-Feb-11 1,509.88

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