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General notice and policy updates


A prerequisite of the approval process for new homes includes the requirement to provide as built drawings upon completion of the building as follows:

Final building approval will be provided upon receipt by the Association of the final as built survey plan of the Property which depicts the position and depth of the utility connections (e.g. electricity, water, sewerage,  telephone and cable) for the Property. These will be filed at the management office and will greatly assist in case of emergency repairs that may be required along the road boundary.

The Board has determined that the as built drawings should be submitted within 30 days of the Occupancy Certificate date issued by the Ministry of Works. In the event that satisfactory drawings are not submitted within the allotted time, the Association reserves the right to perform the work at the Owner’s expense provided after granting a 14 day notice period to remedy the breach.

In response to the recent increase in demand for generator installations, the Board has determined that the application fee be reduced from $250 to $50. The rate is effective from January 1, 2015 therefore applicants who submitted an application this year and paid $250 will receive an automatic credit on their account of $200. (Amounts quoted are subject to VAT).

The Board has also decided that installations made prior to January 1, 2015 need not make an application although it should be noted that this relaxation does not constitute an approval from the Association.

The project to improve the recreation area located near Roberts Isle is in progress. We have received some feedback concerning the tennis court area and it has been suggested that instead it be used for other forms of recreation such as soccer, biking or skateboarding. We are encouraging further feedback from the wider community to inform our decision and will appreciate comments to be posted below.

Residents are reminded that private functions in the common areas are subject to a reservation system and fee as detailed on page 53 of the Owner Guide. Security Services will cease unauthorized functions to allow other residents to enjoy the facilities.

Due to excessive tennis court reservations, the Board has determined that a resident may only have one reservation open at a time, not to exceed two hours. Therefore only the first of multiple bookings will be approved and a reservation time should pass (or the slot cancelled) before the same resident may make another reservation. Effective immediately all future multiple reservations from the same resident will be cancelled, save for the first instance.

The Department of Housing have informed us that home numbering exercise will start in June and may take several months. The first stage involves field work to reconcile the physical addresses with those held on record. We are co-operating with the Department to ensure that we have corresponding records of all property.

We will also perform a review of our records to ensure that the information we have on file for your property is current and accurate. To do this, we have set up an online form for you to complete that should only take a few minutes of your time.

If you have not already completed the online form, please take a few moments to do so at this web page.

Announcements Policies

Generator / alternative power installations


We have observed a sharp increase in demand for generator and alternative power installations. Pursuant to Restrictive Covenant clause 5, these are subject to approval by the Association:

No building fence wall or other structure including but not limited to, garage, swimming pool house drives parking areas landscaping sea wall slip, boat landings, dock, piers dolphins or mooring posts modifications or alterations (“Structures”) whatsoever shall be erected placed or altered on any lot or canal unless and until the proposed detailed plans and specifications thereof shall have been approved in writing ….

The rule does not apply to portable devices although portable generators may create a noise nuisance and should be avoided.

Below is an application form and sample drawings for illustration. It is critical to the application to state all dimensions, including distances from the boundaries.

The application fee is $250 + VAT ($268.75). The guidelines allow up to 6 weeks for approval, clear applications that conform to the guidelines take less time.

Owners with unapproved installations (of any kind) should also seek retroactive approval by making an application. We appreciate your co-operation in maintaining the integrity of our community.

Download Generator Application


Unidentified payments

We are in receipt of a number of payments that we have been unable to identify and are held pending verification. Please review the dates and amounts of the transactions below and log in to check if any are missing from your account. If so, please contact us with confirmation of the payment transmission so that we may credit the balance to your account. Please note that there may be a difference between the transmission amount and the amount shown below due to bank charges (normally associated with international transfers):

Date  Amount
14-Apr-15  269.80
31-Mar-15  293.00
5-Jan-15  262.20
5-Dec-14  967.22
6-Nov-14  671.20
3-Oct-14  484.69
14-Jul-14  60.00
2-Jul-14  500.00
3-Jun-14  613.91
2-Jun-14  350.00
25-Feb-14  575.00
8-Jan-14  1,194.84
20-Dec-13  5,938.88
12-Feb-13  480.00
9-Aug-12  300.17
2-Jul-12  230.00
21-Jun-12  966.18
13-Jun-12  57.78
30-May-12  3,037.34
10-Feb-12  1,200.00
9-Dec-11  29.97
18-Oct-11  288.86
9-Aug-11  643.27
15-Feb-11  1,509.88

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