Financial statements for the 6 months to June 2014

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Road & utility works to North Sandyport Drive

Sandyport Development Company Limited will be carrying out road and utility works along North Sandyport Drive immediately south of the Club One Gym plaza. Work begins on Monday, 28th of July and will last approximately 2-weeks.

The works involve moving a sewer pipe located on the south side of the road. The pipe does not service the gated area of Sandyport and the developer has assured us that there will be no interruption to service. The area in question does not include any other services to homeowners.

Work will take place mainly along the vacant land to the south of North Sandyport Drive and the road will be open to traffic throughout.

The works will not affect the Service Gate and homeowners and their guests may continue using this gate during the work. Traffic may be reduced to a single lane from time to time.


Distemper advisory

BVMA Distemper Advisory

We have received the following advisory from the Bahamas Humane Society which our resident pet owners should pay attention to:

Please be advised that there is a Canine Distemper Virus (CDV) outbreak in New Providence. The attached flyer has been posted on all vet clinic and shelter doors in Nassau. The BVMA is working to contain the virus along with the Ministry of Agriculture.

1.The first and foremost thing is: Please, DO NOT SEND ANY CANINES, BIG OR SMALL, young or old, to or from the island of New Providence, internationally or between islands, at present.

2. Keep your animals on your property. No long and wonderful adventuresome walks at the time being. Play groups are not recommended either.

3.The key to disinfecting is BLEACH – 30 (water) to 1 (bleach) – and foot baths so you do not track infection in or out.

4. The distemper virus does not like warm weather or sunshine. It lasts a maximum of 3 hours on surfaces and outdoors (including on grass) under these circumstances.

5. We suspect that even some vaccinated dogs may be able to contract this present strain; however, there are tests being done that will confirm or dispel this theory.

6. We have experts in the US helping us with this, and they say that the BHS is taking the correct precautions under the supervision of our Florida consultant, Jim Crosby.

7. All spay and neuter missions should be suspended at present due to the possibility of transferring infection from dog to dog.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact us at the BHS 323-5138/325-6742, Jim Crosby 463-4095, or Dr. Valentino Grant at Palmdale Vet Clinic 325-1354.

We want the well-being of all animals in the Bahamas to be foremost. Please see the attached flyer for symptoms to watch out for. People do not contract this disease, nor do cats. If your dog is showing symptoms, please contact your vet immediately.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding in this matter.

Please note that the BHS will be closed except for emergencies on Thursday, July 10th, for Bahamas Independence Day.


Unidentified payments

We are in receipt of a number of payments that we have been unable to identify and are held pending verification. Please review the dates and amounts of the transactions below and log in to check if any are missing from your account. If so, please contact us with confirmation of the payment transmission so that we may credit the balance to your account. Please note that there may be a difference between the transmission amount and the amount shown below due to bank charges (normally associated with international transfers):

Date  Amount
15-Feb-11 1,509.88
9-Aug-11 643.27
18-Oct-11 288.86
9-Dec-11 29.97
10-Feb-12 1,200.00
30-May-12 3,037.34
13-Jun-12 57.78
21-Jun-12 966.18
2-Jul-12 230.00
9-Aug-12 300.17
12-Feb-13 480.00
20-Dec-13 5,938.88
8-Jan-14 1,194.84
25-Feb-14 575.00
24-Apr-14 60.00
2-Jun-14 350.00
3-Jun-14 613.91

Fogging notice

Our pest control contractor will be fogging the development on July 2nd, 2014 with a pesticide to reduce the presence of mosquitoes (that may contribute to dengue fever outbreaks) and sand flies. Open water will also be treated with a system to kill larvae.

Treatment will take place between 11pm and midnight on Thursday, the following guidelines should be observed by all residents:

  1. No persons and/or animals are to be outside during the fogging procedure treatment time.
  2. Close windows and doors during the fogging exercise, they should remain closed for 45 minutes after completion.
  3. Place all pet feeding/watering bowls indoors.
  4. Persons and animals can go outside (if necessary) 45 minutes upon completion of the fogging activity. Note this is especially important for children, pregnant women and asthmatics.
  5. The above measures are precautionary as the treatment does not leave a significant residue.

There is always a possibility of last minute changes due to weather conditions which we will advise of in advance, if possible.

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