Canal barrier operational

canal barrier

The replacement canal barrier is installed and operational. Access control procedures are in place in accordance with policies implemented from January 1, 2014 and each boat moored inside the residential community requires a permit. The height of the bridge at the canal entrance is 14′ at high tide and 17’5″ at low tide. The draft is typically between 2′ and 4′ at low tide.

For further details about obtaining a permit, visit this help desk topic.


Canal closure

Sandyport canal

Please be advised that the canal access will be closed on Wednesday May 14th, 2014 as part of the barrier replacement project. We apologize for any inconvenience whilst we carry out the improvements.


Fogging notice

Our pest control contractor will be fogging the development on May 14th, 2014 with a pesticide to reduce the presence of mosquitoes (that may contribute to dengue fever outbreaks) and sand flies. Open water will also be treated with a system to kill larvae.

Treatment will take place between the hours of 11:00pm and midnight, the following guidelines should be observed by all residents:

  1. No persons and/or animals are to be outside during the fogging procedure treatment time.
  2. Close windows and doors during the fogging exercise, they should remain closed for 45 minutes after completion.
  3. Place all pet feeding/watering bowls indoors.
  4. Persons and animals can go outside (if necessary) 45 minutes upon completion of the fogging activity. Note this is especially important for children, pregnant women and asthmatics.
  5. The above measures are precautionary as the treatment does not leave a significant residue.

There is always a possibility of last minute changes due to weather conditions which we will advise of in advance, if possible.


Abandoned boat

NP 0886

Vessel NP 0886 has been abandoned for several years within the Sandyport waterways. The boat will be removed within 7 days and disposed of if no claim of ownership is made. To claim the boat present a copy of the registration documents and bill of sale to Security Services located at the main Sandyport entrance.


Unidentified payments

We are in receipt of a number of payments that we have been unable to identify and are held pending verification. Please review the dates and amounts of the transactions below and log in to check if any are missing from your account. If so, please contact us with confirmation of the payment transmission so that we may credit the balance to your account. Please note that there may be a difference between the transmission amount and the amount shown below due to bank charges (normally associated with international transfers):

Date Amount
15-Feb-11 1,509.88
9-Aug-11 643.27
18-Oct-11 288.86
9-Dec-11 29.97
10-Feb-12 1,200.00
30-May-12 3,037.34
13-Jun-12 57.78
21-Jun-12 966.18
2-Jul-12 230.00
9-Aug-12 300.17
12-Feb-13 480.00
20-Dec-13 5,938.88
8-Jan-14 1,194.84
25-Feb-14 575.00
4-Apr-14 375.00
24-Apr-14 60.00

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