Security updates – April 2011

Warm Greetings to all of our Residents!

There are a few notices I would like for all residents to keep in mind in the upcoming weeks.

As the summer months are approaching, residents will be taking advantage of the beach. I want to advise all residents to be cautious, because the beach under the bridge leads to the road and is also used by the public. Residents should remain aware of their surroundings while on the beach and alert Security if there is someone that they are not comfortable with and we will call the police.

In addition, we are still having ongoing problems with residents not being considerate by not taking along a doggy bag and cleaning after their pets. We are asking residents to cooperate with us by being considerate in this matter. Please be advised that we are planning to install disposal stations in the coming weeks.

Please note that a Security Officer is posted at the Tambearly School entrance gate between the hours of 8am – 9am (during school days) to assist with traffic flow. We are asking parents who are dropping off children to assist us by moving their vehicle as quickly as possible after drop off or pick up. You will note that we recently imposed a 5 minute parking time limit in this area. We will be creating additional parking spaces in the near future to further ease congestion.

Finally, there is a concern that some residents are purchasing barcode stickers to give to their family members who do not reside in Sandyport. This is an unsafe practice and we will refuse applications and disable barcodes that are found to be used by non-residents.

Sarah Barton – Head of Security


Announcements Policies

Tambearly School access

We are experiencing problems with the traffic flow around the Sandyport entrance to Tambearly School during drop off and pick up times.

In order to ease congestion, we are limiting the parking in the area to 5 minutes. We would like to remind non-residents that they will not be permitted entrance to Sandyport for the purposes of accessing Tambearly School.


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