Water account deposits

The Board has determined that all water accounts shall be subject to payment of a $250 deposit in addition to new connection fees, where applicable. The deposit replaces the estimated (projected) water charges that were previously billed quarterly in advance.

Where the projected water charges from the previous quarter exceed the $250 deposit, the excess is credited to the account. If the projected water charges were below $250, the difference is charged to the account. This difference between the projected water and $250 deposit will be reflected on the next statement as a ‘Deposit adjustment’.

Post general questions about this change in the comments section below. Specific account enquiries should be emailed to accounts@sandyportmanagement.com.


7 thoughts on “Water account deposits”

  1. $250 deposit on water for our empty lot is way too high. My usual bills are about $20 per quarter which means I will be paying for 3 years in advance!
    I also don’t understand whether you are taking the $250 and deducting each quarter’s water billing from this amount or are you holding the $250 in an escrow account for each homeowner? (In other words, you have $250 of our money in a separate account).?

    1. The Board reviewed the refundable deposit requirement, which is based on the community average, and deemed it appropriate. Owners with empty lots or buildings can arrange for the meter to be removed and deposit refunded.

  2. I agree that a deposit of $250.00 is quite large although, in my case, it appears as if I average close to that for a 3 month period.
    If you are having problems with some homeowners paying or paying on time I suggest that it should apply to them and not to those of us who pay on time.

  3. I would be grateful if someone could check my water meter is working properly. i have just received a water bill for $2,400………..the same happened last quarter. Before that my monthly water bills were never more than $100-250 per month.

  4. For me I think this water deposit is too high – my water bill for three months is less than $125 and you are asking for more than six months in advance. Personally I do not see why I should pay for water I have not yet used. However if a small deposit is deemed suitable – to cover a month’s usage which for me would be $50 but I am not prepared to pay a deposit of $250.

  5. I think this deposit is too high for me as my normal quarterly bill is less than half of the $250 and why should I have to pay for water three months in advance and before I use it.

  6. Where is the water bill for the 4th Qtr 2011?

    #5 Governors Cay. I called about 10 days ago and was told that it would be issued imminently. Haven’t seen it yet. Please advise.

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