Board Members and Officers following 2011 AGM

The Board of Directors following the 2011 AGM on Friday 20th January, 2011 is as follows (in alphabetical order):

  • Constantinos Berdanis (New Board Member)
  • Kenneth Cartwright ¬†(Re-elected at 2011 AGM)
  • Karen Dagenais¬†(Chair – Elected at 2010 AGM)
  • Edward Gardner (Appointed July 2011)
  • Mark Holcombe (Treasurer – Elected at 2010 AGM)
  • Jane McLeod (Secretary – Elected at 2010 AGM)
  • Tony Miaoulis¬†(Re-elected at 2011 AGM)


6 thoughts on “Board Members and Officers following 2011 AGM”

  1. We understand that there will be renovations done to the pool area on our block, such as a gazebo etc, we have not been informed of this and demand all home owners of our block to meet with the board to clarify this, this is a great concern for us, noise and disturbance, this devaluates my personal property, since # 41 and # 42 is right next to this area, no residents have this situation next to their houses, please let us know about a meeting.
    Thank you,
    MJ Lotmore

  2. This is not good, every time I write a comment it is “timed out”.
    Please adjust this to allow for enough time for Home Owners to make comments, unless you really don’t want any.

    1. @ S.Walker The time out problem is most likely on your web browser. We don’t specify a time limit – it can happen sometimes when the connection is dropped and the web server thinks the client is no longer connected.

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