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Gardening service is included as part of the maintenance program. Full details of the service are set out below however owners that employ a private contractor for gardening or trimming services may opt out of the program. Please complete the form below to opt in or out of trimming and gardening services:

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    Guidelines for the servicing of private gardens


    • Gardening service is carried out every two weeks on properties that are opted in.
    • We will endeavour to bring to the attention of the resident any work that may be necessary that is outside of the scope of service. The Association does not perform these additional works.
    • If a property has not been serviced by the Association for 60 days or more at the request of the owner, any additional work required to bring the property to standard is outside the scope of service.
    • At all times it is the owner’s responsibility to notify the Association when to reinstate service e.g. when construction is finished or the property transferred.
    • The owner should bring to the attention of the Association any vegetation that should be excluded from the service.
    • Service may be subject to delays due to weather conditions or other matters beyond the reasonable control of the Association.
    • If the scheduled service is missed due to an exclusion condition or inaccessibility, the property will be rescheduled for the following service cycle.


    • To be maintained in a healthy, vigorous condition provided that they are free from disease and large concentrations of pests.
    • Height shall not exceed 6 (six) inches at any time and shall be mowed, edged and trimmed as required to maintain an even, well-groomed appearance.


    • Trimming is carried out on all properties that are scheduled for gardening service (i.e. not opted out of gardening provided by the Association) on a monthly cycle. Trimming of all plant material up to 7′ in height is the responsibility of the Association together with palms and coconut trees of any height. Maintenance of any other plant material that exceeds the 7′ height limit, other than palm and coconut trees, is the responsibility of the owner.
    • Shrubs and vines shall be kept in a healthy, vigorous condition provided that they are free from disease and large concentrations of pests.
    • Shrubs overhanging curbs or sidewalks shall be pruned.
    • Shrubs uniformly planted in rows, where it is clear the intent is to create a hedge, shall be trimmed so as to encourage a hedge.


    • To be trimmed back from sidewalks and curbs as required.
    • To be maintained in a healthy, vigorous growing condition provided that they are free from disease and large concentrations of pests.
    • Groundcover overhanging curbs or sidewalks shall be pruned back.


    • Reasonable measures shall be taken to contain debris during service however some may enter pool areas in close proximity to vegetation. Under such circumstances the Association is not responsible for removing the debris from the pool.
    • Leaves & weeds shall be removed from planters and edges.
    • Broken or fallen branches from trees up to 7′ (other than coconuts / palms) shall be removed.
    • Walkways and driveways shall be blown clear of gardening debris.
    • Debris, visible lawn clippings and tree trimmings shall be removed and prepared for collection.



    • Those opted out of gardening or trimming services.
    • Properties with unrestrained animals or animal feces.
    • Lots under construction.


    • Potted plants.
    • Lawn weeding.
    • Replacing landscaping materials.
    • Tree staking.
    • Treatment for any signs of disease or pest infestation.
    • Fertilizing.
    • Irrigation system.
    • Hand watering of all vegetation.
    • Hurricane preparation & clean up.
    • Debris from other service providers (such as gardening or construction contractors).
    • Removal of animal feces.
    • Moving of furniture or heavy articles.
    • Driveway weeding.
    • Mulching.
    • Installation of materials.

    Owner’s responsibility

    • Notify the Association if the property is to be opted in or out of the gardening or trimming services.
    • Take any reasonable action necessary to control damage or protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public in the event of problems involving the landscape. Such action on the part of the owner shall not relieve the Association of any responsibilities related to the problem.
    • Ensure that the property is accessible and free of animals and feces.

    Loss or damage

    • All concerns relating to loss or damage to be reported via the Association office within 24 hours of service.
    • Liability is limited to the replacement cost of any accidental damage that is reported within 24 hours where the damaged property was installed according to manufacturers specifications, where applicable. Consequential loss is specifically excluded.
    • The Association shall assume sole and complete responsibility for their work, including safety of all persons and property except for liability arising from the sole negligence of the owner or tenants.

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