Financial statements for the 3 months to March 2014

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Click here to view the unaudited financial statements for the 3 months to March 31, 2014.


Tennis court re-opened


We are pleased to announce the completed renovations of the tennis courts located near the main entrance to Sandyport. We have also added regulation standard lighting so that the game can be enjoyed in the evening. As with all community tennis courts, with the exception of Governor’s Cay, reservations should be made in advance using our online reservation system via the ‘Customer service’ menu. Note that the there are two courts which are referred to as ‘Main entrance east’ and ‘Main entrance west’ so please be aware of this when making reservations.


Unidentified payments

We are in receipt of a number of payments that we have been unable to identify and are held pending verification.

Please review the dates and amounts of the transactions below and log in to check if any are missing from your account. If so, please contact us with confirmation of the payment transmission so that we may credit the balance to your account. Please note that there may be a difference between the transmission amount and the amount shown below due to bank charges (normally associated with international transfers):

Date Amount
02/15/2011  1,509.88
08/09/2011  643.27
10/18/2011  288.86
12/09/2011  29.97
02/10/2012  1,200.00
05/30/2012  3,037.34
06/13/2012  57.78
06/21/2012  966.18
07/02/2012  230.00
08/09/2012  300.17
02/12/2013  480.00
12/20/2013  5,938.88
01/08/2014  1,194.84
02/06/2014  328.58
02/25/2014  575.00
02/28/2014  350.00
02/28/2014  328.58
03/31/2014  500.00
03/31/2014  50.00

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