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Revised trimming schedule

Effective October 1, 2011 all yards that have not opted out of gardening services will be trimmed on a schedule as set out on the trimming schedule page. Yards are serviced twice per month and trimming is carried out once per month on plant material up to 7′ in height. In addition coconut and palm trees of any height are included however they are on a separate schedule.

If an owner wishes to have their yard removed from the trimming schedule, please complete the form here.


Lawn chemical application

Please be advised that we will be carrying out a chemical application around the common areas of the development commencing September 21, 2011.

For safety reasons, signs will be placed in the areas being treated and we would ask that parents and pet owners pay particular attention to the affected areas.

*** UPDATE – Work continues on September 28, 2011

*** UPDATE – Work continues on October 5, 2011



Dengue fever prevention guide

Residents may find the following information useful that was provided to us for sharing:

Dengue is caused by the bite of a female mosquito (Aedes aegypti).  The mosquitoes love to live with us.  They are domestic creatures. They rest in dark, quiet places – mostly in our houses (restrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, closets and under furniture).Folks, the only way that we can rid ourselves of dengue is to get rid of the mosquitoes.  The only way for us to do that is to break their life cycle.  We have the authority to EVICT THE AEDES from our homes!I have attached some information for you to use and to send to your friends.  Each of us has a responsibility here.  It takes no more than 10-15 minutes of our time to walk around our yards and remove ALL standing water.

  • Cover or tightly close water containers.
  • Empty all other containers and turn them top down.
  • Seal, wells, septic tanks and soak-aways properly.
  • Dispose of garbage properly.
  • Remove water in plant plates, clean and scrub the plate thoroughly to remove mosquito eggs.
  • Change water every two days.
  • Clean and scrub the inner side of the vases.
Leave your windows open during the night (only if you have intact screens at your windows) to allow fog (from Environmental Health Services) to enter your home.If you grow plants that hold water in its centre “cup” (like bromeliads) or have any other water reservoirs in your yards (like pools, fountains, or small ponds), Environmental Health Services will provide you with larvacide (a chemical to kill mosquitoes during the development stage).  The only requirement is that you collect it!
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