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Removal of property from common areas

The Board of Directors has determined that all trailers, boats and unused vehicles are to be removed from the Amenity Areas (as described in the License Agreement) before December 29th, 2010. Designated parking lots are for working vehicles only and all other items such as those described herein will be removed by the Association beyond this date and, if necessary, sold to recover removal costs. This measure is being implemented in accordance with clause 33 of the Restrictive Covenants and clause 9, sub-clause (ix) of the License Agreement.

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Removal of carports on common areas

The Board of Directors has determined that the carports erected along areas believed to be common (defined as “Amenity Areas” in the License agreement) are to be removed and notice is hereby given that the work will commence after December 29th, 2010. In the event that a property owner believes that they may have a carport erected in any of these areas that was conveyed to them, the conveyance documents evidencing the same must be submitted to the Association before the December deadline if the planned removal is to be reconsidered.


Important notice concerning boat trailers

Please be advised that we will be relocating any trailers left on the private property adjacent to the sewer plant into the sewer plant during the week commencing July 27th, 2010.

Note that the sewer plant is only open on regular business days between the hours of 8am – 4pm therefore owners may consider parking them elsewhere.

Owners may contact the office for further assistance.

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