Removal of property from common areas

The Board of Directors has determined that all trailers, boats and unused vehicles are to be removed from the Amenity Areas (as described in the License Agreement) before December 29th, 2010. Designated parking lots are for working vehicles only and all other items such as those described herein will be removed by the Association beyond this date and, if necessary, sold to recover removal costs. This measure is being implemented in accordance with clause 33 of the Restrictive Covenants and clause 9, sub-clause (ix) of the License Agreement.

4 thoughts on “Removal of property from common areas”

  1. Hi Ronella,

    I believe my house was measured incorrectly, as I have not added to my house since it was built. Are your charging for re-measures? Can I see how my house was measured recently to see if an error was made.

    Thank you,

    Rich Ryan

    1. Good Morning Mr. Ryan,
      The architect is charging for re-measures. I would advise speaking with him directly to get a better understanding of what he was asked to do when he measured your home. His name is Mr. Minns is phone contacts are 393-1342 and 556-8495. Thanks

  2. I requested to have my place remeasured in the right way which hasen’t happened…I want to pay my maintenance fees but I refuse to pay for it until my house is measured in the right way.

    1. Mr. Harding,

      I am waiting on the new measurements for your home. Once I receive that I will email it to you. And should any corrections be made to will go ahead and do so. Thanks

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