Removal of carports on common areas

The Board of Directors has determined that the carports erected along areas believed to be common (defined as “Amenity Areas” in the License agreement) are to be removed and notice is hereby given that the work will commence after December 29th, 2010. In the event that a property owner believes that they may have a carport erected in any of these areas that was conveyed to them, the conveyance documents evidencing the same must be submitted to the Association before the December deadline if the planned removal is to be reconsidered.

4 thoughts on “Removal of carports on common areas”

  1. Could you be specify which Carports you are referring to? I live in Arches # 15, we have a common Carport in front for all the owners which is very convenient. Will it be taken down or are you talking about individual owners whom have erected Carports across from their properties?

    Thank you


  2. I’m intrigued. Could you please be clear on your announcements as to the locations that you are referring to so that homeowners are made aware of where any specific issues exist, and not just left in the dark with the current ambiguity and innuendo. This comment currently relates to two or three of the newly published issues.
    I applaud the work that is being done and the efforts that are being made to improve our environment but unless we are made aware of specific cases how can we address them?
    Thank you for all your efforts.

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