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Shutter installations

In response to the recent increase in demand for shutter installations, the Board has determined that the application fee be reduced from $250 to $50 (plus VAT at the prevailing rate). The rate is effective from January 1, 2018 therefore applicants who submitted an application this year will have their accounts adjusted accordingly.


Clipper Island Pool Renovation

We have taken the pool area out of service for construction purposes. The project should take an estimated 3 months and we will advise when it is suitable for use again.


Infraction Checklist

We are continuing our efforts to make Sandyport one of The Bahamas’ most desirable communities. To that end we need your support in ensuring that your property is compliant with the guidelines.

We have observed some transgressions and prepared a checklist for you. For rental homes, please ensure the tenants are compliant. Conforming to the guidelines will enhance the appeal of our community which, in turn, should protect our property values and encourage further development.

Please take the time to review your property and check for compliance issues. We have set aside a time frame of 90 days for owners to check their properties. Thereafter, we will seek guidance from the Board to resolve any outstanding infractions.

If after you have reviewed your property and decided you require some advice or assistance, please email with details. Further copies of the checklist are available from the Helpdesk at our website. We look forward to receiving your cooperation completing this exercise.


Subdivision of large lots

In response to requests to subdivide larger lots, the Board has given consideration with respect to the first Restrictive Covenant which states:

No lot or group of lots in Sandyport may be divided or sub-divided into smaller lot or lots.

There are a small number of large and undeveloped lots that could be subdivided without detriment to the community. The Board has determined that it is prepared to permit such lots to be subdivided in appropriate circumstances subject to the following criteria:

  1. That the subdivision is approved by the appropriate Government Ministry.
  2. An application is made by the owner for the lot to be subdivided and for new licenses to be issued, at the Owners’ expense.
  3. Draft conveyances with respect to any approved subdivision shall be submitted for the association’s prior approval.
  4. The resulting lots shall not be less than 5,000 sq ft in total area.
Announcements Policies

Important changes to construction guidelines

Effective January 1, 2017 amendments to the construction guidelines will become effective. The changes have been adopted to minimize the likelihood of disruption during construction activity.

The full guidelines are available here, the amendments affect two clauses and are highlighted below:

2.1.3                                       Construction activity is permitted only between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Mondays through Friday save for excavation work which is permitted until 3:00pm. No construction is allowed on Saturdays, Sundays or Public Holidays. Any construction activity considered a nuisance can be stopped by Security and workers may be asked to leave.

2.1.5                                       The contractor is responsible for avoiding damage and making full repairs to any Common Areas, developed or undeveloped properties, streets, sidewalks, utilities, lighting, signage and/or landscaping in the vicinity of the construction site. Before heavy equipment is permitted on the property the owner shall agree to indemnify the Association, by way of written agreement, against loss or damage caused by such equipment. Heavy equipment will be denied access if no specific indemnity is in place from the owner in a written form held at the security gate.

The Indemnity Agreement is available for download at the Construction Guidelines page.

Announcements Policies

Changes to acceptable roof designs


In light of the extensive roof damage created by Hurricane Matthew, the Board has considered the possibility that owners may want to use alternative materials better suited to severe weather events. The Restrictive Covenants state the following:

The roof structure shall be designed to meet with the wind velocity requirements of The Bahamas Building Code. Roofs shall be shingled with wood or three (3) dimensional ragged cut asphalt.

The Architectural Guidelines (revision 3) also state:

Roof construction comprises timber trusses with wood or ragged cut architectural asphalt shingles on felted plywood sheathing to roof slopes with galvanized or copper flashings, timber dormer construction where applicable and insulation to roof spaces.

Cedar wood or Celotex Dimensional III or comparable fungus resistant shake shingles that are class ‘A’ fire rated in a shade of grey. Finishes with similar appearance are allowable. Apply rain gutters with down pipes to all roof edges.

The Directors have determined that if an owner wishes to install a roof that does not comply with the guidelines, consideration shall be given to only those that are both sympathetic to the Sandyport style and are designed to withstand extreme weather events such as a category 5 hurricane. We strongly recommend that Grace Ice & Water Shield (or equivalent) is used where the installation requires an underlayment to provide added protection against water damage.

All new construction is subject to an application and approval process. Reconstruction of existing features, provided there is no material change to the dimensions, appearance or materials used, do not usually require approval by the Association. If there are changes to the dimensions, appearance or materials used in any construction visible from the exterior then an application should be made to the Association and approval granted before any work commences.

If a construction application is filed for a roof that does not conform to the guidelines, the Association will, at its sole discretion, grant approval only if it believes it is of suitable aesthetic and structural design after considering the parameters set out above.



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Architectural Guidelines updated

Architectural Guidelines

Our Architectural Guidelines have been updated. Please click here to view.


Under construction

Under Construction

Residents are advised that the following recreation areas will be closed as follows:

North eastern recreation area adjacent to pool closed for fence repairs until further notice.

Tennis court, pool and playground area on the corner of Sandyport Drive and Roberts Isle closed for major renovations until further notice.

Announcements Policies

Worker ID passes require proof of right to work

Bahamas Immigration Logo

All workers (including housekeepers, gardeners, handymen etc.) are required to obtain a pass and enter the property via the service entrance. Occasional workers may obtain a day pass at the entrance subject to paying a $1 deposit (refunded on exit) and clearing security in the usual manner.

Contractors and regular workers, including those that are employed by contractors, are required to purchase an annual pass at a cost of $10 per annum (or $1 per month or part thereof if purchased during the year).

To qualify for a pass the applicant should obtain authorization from the property owner. In the event that the applicant is employed by a third party authorized by the owner, such as a contractor, that third party should make the application on behalf of its’ personnel.

Applicants must demonstrate they have the right to work in The Bahamas by producing a passport and, in the case of non-Bahamians, a valid permit with no work restrictions.

The annual passes expire on December 31 at midnight. Call 327 6943 for further information.


Road & utility works to North Sandyport Drive

Sandyport Development Company Limited will be carrying out road and utility works along North Sandyport Drive immediately south of the Club One Gym plaza. Work begins on Monday, 28th of July and will last approximately 2-weeks.

The works involve moving a sewer pipe located on the south side of the road. The pipe does not service the gated area of Sandyport and the developer has assured us that there will be no interruption to service. The area in question does not include any other services to homeowners.

Work will take place mainly along the vacant land to the south of North Sandyport Drive and the road will be open to traffic throughout.

The works will not affect the Service Gate and homeowners and their guests may continue using this gate during the work. Traffic may be reduced to a single lane from time to time.

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