Policy clarification

Water disconnections

It is our policy to disconnect water supplies on accounts that are 60 days past due provided that at least 10 days notice is first served. As a courtesy we serve at least 24 hours notice at the property as a final step prior to the physical disconnection after the proper notice has already been given. This policy is without prejudice to the rights of the Association under the terms of the license agreement.

Abandoned constructions

The restrictive covenants require that “No building or other structure shall remain unfinished for more than One (1) year after the same shall be commenced.” In the event that a construction site is deemed as abandoned and notwithstanding the obligation to pay the requisite maintenance fees, a new application to build will need to be resubmitted together with all government permits and other documents as outlined in the guidelines.

Parking on Sandyport Drive

The Association is planning the installation of a bicycle / pedestrian lane along Sandyport Drive for the safety of our children, cyclists and other non-motorists and it has requested the co-operation of all residents to park their vehicles in designated parking spaces. Accordingly, illegally parked vehicles – those that have been served with appropriate notice – will be disabled or towed.


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Great idea for the sidewalk along Sandyport Drive! It will definantely
make it safer for everyone, thanks.

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