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Use of vehicles on common roads

There have been numerous concerns raised about the use of unlicensed motorised vehicles, golf carts, go-carts and scooters within Sandyport that are not normally used on public roads. As such, we require all Sandyport residents that own such vehicles to follow these guidelines:

  1. All vehicles must be adequately insured against third party damage and injury
  2. All operators and drivers must hold a valid Bahamian driving license
  3. All drivers must act in a responsible manner so as to not be a hazard or nuisance to other residents

Failure to meet these guidelines will result in the vehicle being prohibited on common land, which includes the roadways, until further notice.



2 replies on “Use of vehicles on common roads”

I find these unilateral decisions made by our board amusing. For a board that is supposed to represent the feelings of the owners, they seem to be quick to make rules that have no effect on any members of their families. May I remind the board that our roads are not public. There is a reason we moved into Sandyport,and for most of us, it is our kids. Living in Sandyport gives our kids the freedom to visit friends, go to school and go to after school activities on their own, giving them a sense of responsibility. Many parents cannot get their kids where they need to go, which is why they have chosen to live in a community where kids can safely transport themselves to community based activities. We live in a gated community for a reason. We pay to make sure our kids have more freedoms then those outside of a gated community. I don’t think any board that wants to remain such, should attack this freedom. On the public roads of Harbour Island and Hope Town it is legal for kids 12 and over to drive golf carts, scooters etc… as long as speed is limited to less than 12mph. This is more reasonable. Parents are resposible for their kids and as such will give them permission to do only things they feel are safe. We do not need, nor want, the board to police us or raise are kids. If the board is going to curtail the freedom of the children living in Sandyport, which in turn effects the quality of their lives, these rules need to be discussed and agreed upon in a public forum, such as the AGM.

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