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Security updates for June 2012

As the summer holiday begins and schools are closed for summer break, our security department would like to remind parents to be aware of what their children are doing. For instance we are receiving complaints about children going into the recreation areas and throwing poolside furniture into the pools.

There are also concerns about children riding 4 wheel bikes and golf carts. These are motorized vehicles that are in the hands of children who have no driving experience and are not eligible to drive legally. This can have serious consequences as they can be harmful to the children driving them or to other people and their property. There is also the risk of driving off the road and into a canal. Please refer to this article about our policy on this subject.

We continue to experience ongoing problems with stray dogs. These animals are a nuisance and we addressing the problem by reinstating the traps courtesy of Animal Control. We continually check for breaches of the property perimeter to ensure there are limited ways for them to access it. We ask that all residents refrain from feeding the stray animals as it counters our efforts to control them.

Security is also asking owners with rental properties to properly screen prospective tenants. It is generally difficult to arrange for undesirable tenants to be removed which can present a challenge for owners, residents and security personnel. Prevention is better than cure!

Finally, as many families prepare to take vacations for extended periods of time, kindly provide details of a contact we can call in the case of an emergency. This information is useful unforeseen circumstances such as when a boat sinks or an unexpected visitor attempts to enter the property. You may access the going away link on our website under the Customer Service tab.

One reply on “Security updates for June 2012”

I reported my neighbours dog several times for being out of their yard. We’ve opened our door to it going to the bathroom in our front yard and others have experienced the same thing. The dog appears at the pools and in your garden. We also had a cleaner forget a bag of garbage on our front porch and their dog got into it. It’s great that stray dogs are being addressed, but what about repeat offenders within Sandyport? I was told to “call security” so every time this dog is out I have to do that, yet nothing is ever really done. There are no consequences for this dog being out and therefore no incentive for them to keep the dog in their yard. What is being done about dogs like this?

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