Infraction Checklist

We are continuing our efforts to make Sandyport one of The Bahamas’ most desirable communities. To that end we need your support in ensuring that your property is compliant with the guidelines.

We have observed some transgressions and prepared a checklist for you. For rental homes, please ensure the tenants are compliant. Conforming to the guidelines will enhance the appeal of our community which, in turn, should protect our property values and encourage further development.

Please take the time to review your property and check for compliance issues. We have set aside a time frame of 90 days for owners to check their properties. Thereafter, we will seek guidance from the Board to resolve any outstanding infractions.

If after you have reviewed your property and decided you require some advice or assistance, please email with details. Further copies of the checklist are available from the Helpdesk at our website. We look forward to receiving your cooperation completing this exercise.

One reply on “Infraction Checklist”

Can homeowners please stop cleaning their fish in the canal. Especially if they don’t know how to poke the eyes out so it at least sinks. It is disgusting. One by our dock right now completely covered in flies and stinking. Not a happy homeowner.

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