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Generator / alternative power installations


We have observed a sharp increase in demand for generator and alternative power installations. Pursuant to Restrictive Covenant clause 5, these are subject to approval by the Association:

No building fence wall or other structure including but not limited to, garage, swimming pool house drives parking areas landscaping sea wall slip, boat landings, dock, piers dolphins or mooring posts modifications or alterations (“Structures”) whatsoever shall be erected placed or altered on any lot or canal unless and until the proposed detailed plans and specifications thereof shall have been approved in writing ….

The rule does not apply to portable devices although portable generators may create a noise nuisance and should be avoided.

Below is an application form and sample drawings for illustration. It is critical to the application to state all dimensions, including distances from the boundaries.

The application fee is $250 + VAT ($268.75). The guidelines allow up to 6 weeks for approval, clear applications that conform to the guidelines take less time.

Owners with unapproved installations (of any kind) should also seek retroactive approval by making an application. We appreciate your co-operation in maintaining the integrity of our community.

Download Generator Application

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