Proposed improvements for 2013 through 2015


The Board has reviewed the many suggestions to improve our community and believes that we should be able to complete many of those listed below over a 3 year period, if no special assessments are imposed. We are encouraging feedback for priority or additional suggestions which can be posted to the comment box below. Press the + alongside each item for further details.

Canal barrier

The existing steel barrier is corroded and possesses no mechanism to allow it to be opened mechanically. It remains open throughout the day during which time a rope is used to control access and egress.

Canal security booth

The building, which is of a wooden structure, is in a poor state and requires significant renovations or replacement.

Canal jetty

The frequency with which the canal inlet requires dredging is increasing due to the movement of the sand from the West to East. Engineers recommend extending and raising the jetty on both sides, and sand tightening them to reduce the amount of sand entering the canal.


We have added curbing along the roadways where new landscaping has been installed giving the area a more finished look. However, most of the community roadways are without curbing.


Low lying areas of the estate are subject to flooding during heavy rainfall, the solution is to drill 150ft drains in the affected areas.

Landscaping project – Sandyport Drive 43 – 48

The tennis court, pool area, pool deck and gardens alongside Sandyport Drive 43 and the common area directly opposite are in poor condition. If the budget permits, all works should be carried out together.

Perimeter wall

There are plans to extend the wall that backs on to Super Value toward the corner by Tambearly School. We had applied to build an additional entrance in the same area but we have had difficulties obtaining right of way.

Pool resurfacing

The pools near Sandyport Drive 43, at Governor’s Cay and adjacent to Roberts Isle are due to be resurfaced.

Privacy screen

The fence that runs from the service gate toward Super Value does not provide any privacy from passers by along West Bay Street. A privacy screen – similar to that installed at the main entrance tennis courts – will improve the level of privacy in the community.

Recreation area

The area adjacent to the gazebo in near Coral Beach has sufficient space to add amenities; a committee has been formed to develop this idea.


The following are some suggestions we have received for additional signage within the community:


Pedestrian crossing
No smoking for restrooms
Wheelchair access (no playing)
Watch out for pedestrians
Speed bump ahead
Authorised personnel only
Launch ramp
Stop sign
15 MPH
Name signs for recreation areas
Automatic entry – stand clear
Bicycle / pedestrian lane


No parking
Pitch in (inside the garbage corrals)
24 hour surveillance for outside of perimeter
Warning high voltage sign
No diving or removing of furniture
Do not force automatic gate
Press intercom for assistance
Keep of grass
Automatic entry – do not force open
General community rules for all entrances (including canal)

Street lights

We have approximately 200 street lights, many of which require re-installation to provide greater stability and better aesthetics. In particular during hurricane season a number tend to become damaged beyond repair at a cost of over $1,000 each.

Surveillance system

The CCTV system has recently been significantly upgraded to include the ability to transmit all CCTV footage to the main security control room. The next phase requires the installation of a fiber loop to allow faster transmission of video data together with greater saturation of CCTV cameras at choke points and recreation areas.

Tennis court fences

The fences around the tennis courts are original and in need of significant repairs or replacement. If the courts are resurfaced, the poor condition of the fences will become more obvious.

Tennis court resurfacing

All the tennis courts are in need of resurfacing and most have some degree of root damage from nearby trees.

Transformer fences

The work to replace the fences around the transformers and lift stations (wastewater system) is complete. The final stage of this project requires the installation of bougainvillea plants around each fence to provide a natural screen from the equipment within.

Wastewater system

It is a common misconception that the green tanks located at the maintenance compound store potable water. The tanks are part of our wastewater system which comprises of seven lift stations (which is a well with 2 pumps that move the wastewater toward the wastewater plant) and a series of tanks that each perform a function as part of the treatment process. Many repairs and upgrades have been carried out on the system since it was transferred from the Developer to the Association and there are many more outstanding. Preliminary costings to carry out the necessary repairs or upgrades recommended by our engineers exceed $600,000.

10 thoughts on “Proposed improvements for 2013 through 2015”

  1. Why do we need privacy screens along West Bay Street? If it is to protect the people who reside in that area,who may feel inconvenienced or exposed, should they not have considered that before they decided to purchase. Why should we be paying for their convenience?

    Ditto the perimeter wall. I can accept that the rear of the supermarket may be dirty and unpleasant, but to hide a parking lot seems to me to be unnecessary.

    In phase 5, there seems to be NO provision at all for visitor parking. That is a serious detraction to the appeal of the area. Should we not address that now before it gets completely built out?

    I also fail to see the necessity of building a perimeter wall opposite #47. I walk there most days and the view does not offend me. I am not aware of any security issues there.

  2. Owner of # 41 and # 42 Sandyport dr, right next to the pool, would appreciate if I could be informed regarding plans for that area, since I am very much impacted and inconvenienced by noise and trash thrown into my yard, it can be very upsetting. No privacy at all on # 42 side.
    would very much appreciate the feed back.
    Thank you

  3. (#20 Clipper Island)
    #1-Get a small boat and clean the canals weekly as part of the landscaping maintenance. 2 man 2 hours weekly.
    #2-sort out the water/drinking and sewer issues.
    #3- fix the canal access. Dredging every Yaar is expensive.
    #4-more greenery allong the outside fences/walls to hide it.
    #5-water gate and guard house replace.
    #6- assign a gardening maintenance men to clean access to the beach. ( one man – 2 garbage bags – 20 minuts job – daily.

    Jan Tesar

  4. Canal
    Perimeter wall
    In that order is my suggestion

    We r spending 40-45 k at least once a yr to dredge and now need to do again , so twice this yr now in less than one yr.
    The perimeter wall with barb wire should buffer most of the west side of property starting from house by alberto suigi all the way north to bay street and the north side from second entrance east to Wendy’s

  5. Agree that water/waste system is number one priority. Suitable back up systems and better water pressure. Should have an engineering fir do a complete review of the system.

    Also, the chain link fence/barbed wire from tennis court on first bend along past #47 Sandyport Drive backs on to Delaporte community. There should be a wall along there and proper landscaping.

  6. I agree with comments by Patrick Greives regarding:
    1.-Water treatment system. I hope that this includes a spare blower as back up to the two that should be operational.
    2.-Tennis Court Surfacing. Particularly the two tennis courts just after the Main Entrance to Sandyport.
    3.- Recreation area for kids particularly regardig a Basket Ball half court as then it might be possible to avoid owners having basket ball hoops at the entrance to their homes or on Common Areas.
    Besides the above I would like to know what has happened to the plan of setting up a system that would allow for higher water pressure in Sandyport. I know that it was linked up to a Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plant but as an RO Plant is a costly thing to operate I think that an effort should be given to finding a way to increase the water pressure.

  7. I agree with comments by Patrick Greives regarding:
    1.-Water treatment system. I hope that this includes a spare blower as back up to the two that should be operational.
    2.-Tennis Court Surfacing. Particularlt the two tennis courts just after the Main Entrance to Sandyport.
    3.- Recreation area for kids particularly regardig a Basket Ball half court as then it might be possible to avoid owners havin basket ball hoops at the entrance to their homes or on Common Areas.

  8. Top priority should goto the water treatment system as a failure would impact the entire development and all homeowners.

    Second should be drains as the flooding makes walking difficult and damages landscape with standing water.

    Third is tennis court resurfacing as the court srfaces are in poor condition for playing and they look particularly bad. Fences should be addressed at the saem time.

    Street lights for safety and aesthetics

    Security / CCTV upgrade.

    Curbing to protect landscaping and deter parking on the grass. Also aesthetically better.

    Recreation area for all the kids who live in the community. Basketball hoops would be a welcome addition. even just a half court.

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