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Important notice concerning outstanding balances


This is a general notice for residents and owners with an outstanding balance and may be disregarded if your account with the Association is clear.

  • All balances dated before January 1, 2013 should be cleared unless a payment arrangement has been formalised.
  • Indenture fees (fees for vacant lots) were due in full on January 1.
  • The payment deadline to qualify for a 3% discount on the annual maintenance assessment only is January 14, sufficient time should be allowed for international wire transfers to meet the deadline.
  • We have received direct deposits that have not been identified so please contact us immediately if you appear to be missing a payment from your account.
  • Payments by US cheque are now subject to a 1% surcharge.
  • The limit for cash paid at the office is $200, amounts above this maybe deposited directly at the bank account.
  • Undeliverable hard copies of invoices for 2013 maintenance and indenture fees will be available for collection until January 31.

For payment methods click here.

You may log in to view your account here.

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