Mosquito control

Our pest control contractor will be fogging the development on October 19, 2011 with a pesticide to reduce the presence of mosquitoes that contributed to the recent dengue fever outbreak. Open water will also be treated with a system to kill larvae.

Treatment will take place between the hours of 2:30am and 5:00am, the following guidelines should be observed by all residents:

  1. No persons and/or animals are to be outside during the fogging procedure treatment time.
  2. Close windows and doors during the fogging exercise, they should remain closed for 45 minutes after completion.
  3. Cover swimming pools and decorative water features.
  4. Place all pet feeding/watering bowls indoors.
  5. Turn off all fans and/or air conditioners or set them at exhaust.
  6. Persons and animals can go outside (if necessary) 45 minutes upon completion of the fogging activity. Note this is especially important for children, pregnant women and asthmatics.
  7. Rinse all household items/toys that were left outside before using them.
  8. Rinse all fruits and vegetables (that were in the garden/yard) thoroughly before consuming them.
  9. Note the product scheduled to be used does not have a residual therefore items 3, 4, 7 & 8 noted above are precautionary measures.


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Hi, we have now a lot of Moskitos in and outside the house, more than we had before the fogging. Was there any problem with the fogging? Did it really take place?
After the 1st fogging we didn’t have anymore Moskitos.

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