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Tambearly school drop off zone

Please be reminded that the time limit for dropping off or collecting children at the Tambearly school access within Sandyport is 5 minutes. We have created additional parking spaces in the area and vehicles should not be left unattended nor parked on the road or verge for the safety and consideration of other residents. Vehicles left unattended on this common area beyond the time limit will be clamped and the owner subjected to a $75 fee for it’s removal.

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This is an issue that can be easily fixed with common sense. You cannot follow the complaints of a sour old lady (if the complainer is a man, still a sour old lady), nor maintain such a tight spot for parking and leaving children. What about doubling the bet? There is plenty space on the first 90 degree corner (coming from the service entrance) where a small gate could be opened in the fence, giving even closer walk time to the classrooms. There is a lot of parking space on front of that space – not like the one we used to have in front of the existing gate, now with construction going on-, the parking/dropping off time would be greatly reduced, and children could still use the existing gate to park bicycles.
Children have the absolutest priority, period. If somebody has to wait, he/she will have to wait until they are safe, be it a truck driver or another resident.

Just for the record tambearly parents are not the only ones causing congestion on the road. I have personally witnessed construction workers as well as owners reps parking in the spaces that are supposedly designated for Tambearly drop-off and pick-up. Are they too going to be penalized for using this space beyond the time limit?

I personally feel that this whole issue was brought forth by a board member who was upset that I, my husband and two children needed to stop traffic so that we could cross the road. Personally, I think a little patience is in order and perhaps your focus should stick to more important issues like management of space. I understand that you want to make Sandyport esthetically pleasing but sacrifices space for bushes and shrubs causes issues like this. That corner was designed poorly…not the residents problem.

Oh and by the way the security booth has a blind spot. Since September I have had to continuously remind security that I go home for lunch every day at 12:30pm. Some days I shout at the workers across from the security booth to get the attention of the officer on duty to let me out of Tambearly school. Other days it is a friend driving by and sometimes I just climb the gate in desperation. Many times I have lost at least 15 minutes of my 30 minute lunch. This is ridiculous! So much for guarding the gate.

Perhaps you should have thought of building a booth that can keep better watch of the community from all angles. It looks lovely but serves very little purpose. Maybe that could have been two more parking spots. Just a thought…

I wish to voice against this policy , insufficient space is available for residents to park , and currently persons do not block traffic . Having Tambearly school is a benefit to reside/residents in choosing SandyPort . We ask that you reconsider and allow 15 minute window . Sometimes dropping a child is not simple every day .
think about it.
thank you

People have to remember that some of the parents stand and gab for 20 minutes. This is a drop off area for children, not a social circle. It does not take 20 minutes to walk across the field and back. A lot of the people spending more time at the drop off area are chatting. This is a lot different than dropping your children off and ensuring they get into the school safely.

The problem also is the corner gets congested and last week there was almost a car accident when two people from opposite sides of the road decided to back up – I believe they were within inches of each other. Having everyone parked right on the corner makes it unsafe, especially we people start pulling out and you can’t see past the parked cars right on the corner. No matter how slow you go, it gets very congested because people don’t want to talk an extra 20 feet from parking a little further away from the corner.

Please remember this before complaining about the limit that has been imposed.

I am reading with amazement on the latest restriction for homeowners with regards to the school drop off zone parking time limit. Five minutes is a very short time for drop off/pick up. Additionally, when there are after school activities there are parents who want to watch their children especially for safety reasons and there is no figue that can be placed on a childs safety.
I am in awe and wonder if the persons implementing these “rules” have children and understand the importance of protecting them.

It should be very obvious to the board members that 8 alloocated parking slips will not suffice for the amopunt of people who live in Sandyport that drop/pick-up their children. The 5 minute time allocation is also ridiculous considering the walk from the gate to the classrooms and back. Cars park on the side of the roads and do not block traffic whatosever, furthermore this happens twice a day for a maximum of 30 minutes, so who exactly is being inconvenienced?
Perhaps the board members that voted in favour of this aggressive and unreasonable rule could post an update on the website on what exactly the basis was for their decision

When we moved our family into this community, the primary idea was that this is a family oriented development with specific rules and policies geared towards childrens’ needs. Having the Tambearly school drop off facility in the back is something that not only is convenient but also enhances the value of homes in Sandyport. I agree that there should be a limit on how much time is spent by vehicles dropping their kids. However, five minutes is far too short. In my humble opinion a reasonable time is 20 minutes. That gives parents sufficient time to walk their kids to the classroom and return and move the vehicles. I for one, would consider using the main gate if the Tambearly drop off area was to bother me. Children need to be dropped off safely, and I would hate to interfere with such an important task.

I would think that parents engaging in school related events in Sandyport should not be high on the announcement list. Rather I would think that ensuring kids safety within this community should be the priorty. Drivers need to drive slower and pets need to be child friendly. All this is to ensure that kids can live and play within our community and not be at risk.

We are very disappointed to hear this latest ‘rule’. It’s very difficult to take children to school and return to the gate within 5 minutes and the threat of clamping seems unreasonably harsh.

One of the benefits of life in Sandyport is access to the school without the need to leave the complex and now this advantage is being diluted.

There are only 2 busy periods at the gate which is first thing in the morning and at the end of the School day and having a few cars parked in the street seems a relatively modest price to pay for harmony.

We fail to see who is inconvenienced by this parking and the fact that residents are now threatened in this way by our representatives leaves a very sour taste.

It is really necessary to be so aggressive??

Doreen & David Thain

Regarding school drop off zones….while agree that people need to stick to the 5 minutes…..or pull over quickly and drop kids/adults off, I also think that drivers should be courteous to those dropping their children and/or teachers. I witnessed a man yelling at a friend of mine while he pulled over quickly 2 cars in front of me to drop off his wife (a teacher ) and their 2 children who attend Tambearly school. They had just pulled over and everyone was piling out when the truck in front of rolled down his window and started yelling at them as they crossed the road. Just remember if you are driving past the Tambearly gate between 8:00 and 8:30 you are going to have to stop/slow down for children or parents crossing the road. I was very upset to see someone being yelled while dropping their children off in a timely manner.

Obviously if people are parking on the road or verge it’s because there is insufficient parking for the volume around drop off times. The 5 min time limit can’t always be adhered to due to after school sports activities or occasionally having to speak to a teacher.
I have never seen a car parked in a way that it blocks the road for other drivers or in any way inconveniences other drivers, they might possibly have to drive really slowly around that bend because of cars parked on the verge, but considering it’s a school zone, they should be driving extremely slowly in that area anyway. Considering it’s only for a period of about 20 min twice a day, I can’t believe that it’s really that much of an inconvenience to anyone to justify the constant remonstrations and warnings we get from the poor security guard, who is getting it from both ends. I’m positive that whoever is doing the complaining is not someone with a child at Tambearly and if they did have a child there, they would understand that we park as best we can in the space available and that we are as quick as we are able to be. Having that gate is a major time saver and convenience for us and no one is creating problems purposely.
Thank you.

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