Security updates – December 2010

Warm Season’s Greetings to our residents!

Thankfully, November was a quiet month in Sandyport. Just a friendly reminder to all residents to  please remember to take along a doggy bag when walking your dogs. We have noticed an increase in incidents with dogs. There are occurrences where the doggy bag with the waste in it is thrown on the side of the road, please consider other residents when walking the dog.

Christmas party guests

It is the time of the year when residents host their Christmas parties and family get-togethers.  In order to ensure guests are not held up at the Security gate for clearance, please send a list of expected guests to the Security control room the day before the event. The list should include the visitor’s names as well as the total amount of persons expected.

Family and friends listing

If any resident has family and friends that frequent the property and do not want them to be held up at the gate. Please  provide a list of these persons to Security to keep on file. Security will otherwise carry out their expected duty of calling for each person not on the list without any exceptions.

Visitor badges

As previously mentioned, all workers including construction workers, gardeners, and contractors will be issued visitor badges on arrival at the service entrance. The new procedure commences December 13, 2010, initially with construction workers. In order to make this process flow please remind your private gardeners and service workers that they are not to use the main entrance. They are required to use the service entrance for entry AND exit. The only exception will be female pedestrian workers that have been pre-registered by their employers.

We are presently carrying out an exercise of obtaining the names of the maids and their employers. If a worker is terminated, please inform security so that we can ensure that disgruntled workers are not permitted on the property.

Removal of property by third parties

In the event that a resident requires a third party to collect private property (such as a boat or jet ski), please notify security of the details of the property to be removed for identification purposes together with the party authorised to collect the same. When the property exits the estate, security will identify it and contact the owner with details in order to verify that it is the correct item being removed.

Stray pets

We have set up various traps to help humanely capture stray pets (specifically dogs). We would like residents to take care and ensure that their pets are not able to roam freely as they may be caught in one of the traps and ultimately end up in the care of the Humane Society if we are unable to contact the owner within 48 hours.

Resident pet owners may consider including an emergency telephone number on their pet tags, allowing security to quickly reunite a captured pet with its owner.

2 thoughts on “Security updates – December 2010”

  1. There is 2 stray cats that roam around happy lane and sandyport drive. One is black and white and one is ginger,black and white. They keep producing kittens. We had a set in our electrical cupboard a while ago which we took to the humane society, however I have heard that another set of kittens were found by the owner of another house near to us and then 2 days ago I saw a kitten run across the road which again looked wild. Just thought you might like to know in case there are no traps in this area.

    1. Good Morning Mr. Wright,
      Thank you for stating your concerns. I will inform security to look out. Thank you

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