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We are considering a new automated entry system that would open the barrier for an authorised vehicle automatically on arrival at the main entrance to Sandyport.

The cost of the system would be funded by the sale of bar codes that would be applied to resident’s vehicles. The purpose of this poll is to determine the number of residents that would be interested in purchasing a bar code label for their vehicle. The cost per bar code is expected to be approximately $100 per vehicle based on 150 vehicles and would be a one time charge.

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This is a great idea.

I had looked at RFID tags, and the system would cost about the same.

There is a potential cost saving as well in security by not manning the East Entrance outside of business hours when trades are not supposed to be coming and going in any case. After hours trade visits could be accommodated through the West entrance still.

Would an alternative be to have every legitimate car registered with HOA and provided a sticker, clearly identifying us as residents? Then there would not need to be a cost for the bar codes and scanners, but there would not need to be a wait for the gate once security sees the sticker in the left hand, side window.

I would gladly pay for both cars if it is implemented on the two entrances. All of us living in Phase V would appreciate this.

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