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Governor’s Cay

There has been an electrical failure at the lift station responsible for pumping Governors Cay waste water to the treatment plant. The problem became apparent following the power failure last week and it has now been determined that the fault is a major control panel failure, likely caused when power was restored. An interim solution is in progress whilst a replacement control panel is ordered from the US supplier. Due to the cost of control panels (in excess of $10,000), and the rarity of failures, they are not a standard inventory spare part.

This matter has been treated as urgent and is prioritized accordingly.

*** UPDATE ***

The pumps are being run manually on a 2 hourly schedule to prevent waste water from backing up through the system.

A swale has been dug to help water drain toward the pump located in the area affected by flooding behind the tennis court.

A perimeter has been placed around the affected area and parents should make their children aware.

A enzyme based  solution has been added to digest any contaminants.

*** UPDATE – October 8th, 2010 2:36pm ***

At around midday a breaker tripped causing three lift stations including the one serving Governors Cay.

The breaker has been reset and the system is pumping. Measures are being taken to ensure the area is sanitized.

This incident is unrelated to the defective control panel. A replacement panel has arrived and is scheduled for installation on Tuesday. In the meantime, the system is being activated or deactivated manually on a 2 hour schedule as it has been since the control panel failed.

*** UPDATE – October 21st, 2010 3:59pm ***

A new control panel was installed earlier this week and has been functioning well.

7 replies on “Governor’s Cay”

Based on what you say about the cost to replace the panel I suggest that you try to find out whast it costs to protect the panels from electric surges.

Thank you for your response.

1 A bit of sand is wholly inadequate for the purposes of disinfecting this area against disease and protecting residents.

2 As of 20.30 last night the “perimeter” had fallen down (not surpising in view of its flimsy construction) and at the time of writing (10.25 Thursday morning) remains so. It is a shame that the security guards have not seen fit to report this to you or, if they have, that you have not rectified the position.

3 In any event, the so called perimeter only cordoned off less than half the affected area and, in particlar, missed the part leading to the playground, which is still inches deep in sewage and is the area I imagine Mrs. McLeod was complaining about.

If you are in any doubt about the possibile consequences of not treating sewage infestations, I suggest you take urgent advice both to protect the health of residents and your own position.

Bleach granules were also placed over the affected area earlier this week. We are dealing with the symptoms whilst we await delivery of the replacement components.

I am relieved that this problem will be tackled with the urgency that such a serious threat to residents’ health demands. Once the current sewage overflow has subsided, a foul residue will be left, potentially containing Heaven knows what germs and bacteria. This will need to be treated urgently to mitigate the possibility of infection.

Tim Robinson

32 Governor’s Cay

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