Improved collections procedures

We have revisited our revenue collection procedures in a bid to collect funds in a timely manner that will enable us to deliver a better and faster service. The bills are due on the first of every month and, to allow time for preparations, we generally send them out about 2 weeks before the due date.

If there are any queries, we would ask your assistance in bringing them to our attention before the due date. If not, we would appreciate payment as close to the due date as possible.

In addition to internal changes to our procedures, we have arranged for the assistance of debt collection agencies for delinquent accounts both here in The Bahamas and the UK in order to minimise our exposure to risky debts. Since their fees are paid by the debtor, the Association bears no cost for their services.

We have already seen an improvement over the course of the last month, reducing the outstanding balances by about 9 days and we expect to see further improvements over the next few months. We thank the owners that have historically been timely in paying the service charges and would ask everyone else to assist the Association by making payment a priority.

2 thoughts on “Improved collections procedures”

  1. Please consider paying the maintenance fees thru the internet.

    So many buisnesses now use this facility and it really is very

    Many thanks for your efforts so far – things are really looking up.

    Maureen Morris

    1. We have accounts with the following banks and you can make direct deposits into either of them:

      First Caribbean Bank – a/c # 200167527 – Sandyport Branch # 667

      Scotiabank Ltd – a/c # 072613 Main Branch # 70045

      If a payment is made directly into one of our accounts, please notify us so that we can be sure to apply it to the correct homeowners account.

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