Changes to water billing

In order to improve the efficiency of water billing, we will be reading the meters once every quarter. The next readings will be carried out in September and every three months thereafter.

We will be sending future water bills on the same invoice as the service charges each month. The water component of the bill will be an estimate based on previous consumption. The quarterly bill will consist of the actual since the previous reading minus the estimated charged.

Owners benefit from a $40 per annum saving in meter reading charges.

4 thoughts on “Changes to water billing”

  1. This could cause a problem with collection of payments for water bills from tenants if their lease terminates during the quarter.

    Can we request a special reading as at the lease termination date?

  2. We are aiming to improve operational efficiencies hence the introduction of quarterly meter readings.

    The accounts are complete and with the review committee and should be available for distribution soon together with the budget.

  3. I would like to know which date in September this will commence and can we each have a start figure of our meter at the time it begins. Thanks
    PS what is the rationale behind doing this!!! I don’t mind but your reasons would be appreciated.

    While we are on the subject of $$$ when can the Homeowners expect to see a budget for 2010 esecially seeing that we are already 6 months into the year.

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