We will be fogging the community against mosquitoes and sand flies on Thursday February 1, 2018 between the hours of midnight and 2am Friday morning. Please observe the following guidelines:

  1. No persons and/or animals are to be outside during the fogging procedure treatment time.
  2. Close windows and doors during the fogging exercise and for 45 minutes after completion.
  3. Place all pet feeding/watering bowls indoors.
  4. Discard any containers that could possibly hold water or invert them to prevent them becoming an active breeding site for mosquitos.
  5. If it is necessary for people or pets to go outside, wait for 45 minutes after completion. Note this is especially important for children, pregnant women and asthmatics.
  6. The above measures are precautionary as the treatment does not leave a significant residue.

There is always a possibility of last minute changes due to weather conditions. We will notify you in advance, if possible, of any changes.

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