House numbering exercise

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The following message is an extract from an earlier release issued by the Government of The Bahamas and is pertinent to the house numbering exercise presently taking place in Sandyport:

The General Public is reminded that the House Numbering Exercise in New Providence continues and the Ministry is therefore seeking their support and cooperation to allow access to their properties for the installation of the assigned number on their buildings.

Ministry of Public Works and Transport employees assigned this task will be properly identified and due care will be taken not to damage the owners’ property. Each person installing the numbers on buildings will have an identification card that clearly indicates that they are a part of the Ministry of Public Works and Transport’s house numbering team.

The historic exercise of correctly numbering the houses along with the street naming project, when completed, would make it easier to locate streets, businesses and houses throughout the island of New Providence.

We have provided written approval to the Ministry to grant access to duly authorized persons who may produce a copy of the letter upon request.

We have been asked how this affects addresses of the properties on title documents and it is our understanding that these will remain unaffected. Upon completion of the exercise the Association expects to be furnished with the Ministry assigned numbers which we will add to our records. Whether these numbers become the adopted standard will be a matter for the Board to review in due course.

Copy of the Public Announcement

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