Community updates for October 2015

community update

We are nearing the year end and would like to provide you with an update. Our Security Services remain committed to the preservation of property and life. With high crime rates prevailing, we continue to add resources and procedures to keep our community safe.

Earlier this year there were several breaches along the eastern perimeter fence. We prioritized the construction of a wall to replace the fence and we expect it to be complete this month. During the construction phase we added security personnel to provide 24 hour protection at the site.

Access control is key to our success and residents can assist us by doing the following:

  • All workers must bear a Sandyport issued ID badge. Occasional workers may collect a day pass from the service gate if approved by the resident. The day pass requires a $1 deposit which we refund on return of the pass. Annual passes cost $10 or $1 per month for partial years. They are available subject to resident’s approval at Security Services near the main entrance.
  • Motor vehicles need a Sandyport decal which is free of charge and also available from Security Services. The vehicle decals expire at the end of each year. Automatic entry decals are available for a $50 + VAT fee.
  • Watercraft owners should register their vessels, Security Services issue annual passes to qualifying persons. Vessels without a pass will not clear access control. Remember to renew registrations at the end of the year. We implemented these controls following a spate of thefts in 2014. Since then we have foiled several theft attempts, so it’s worth the effort.

On the subject of marine life, a manatee frequents the Sandyport waterways. It often visits when the tide is high and leaves with the low tide. Manatees are gentle and endangered sea creatures. If you encounter the manatee, there is no need to fear it.

Social Events

When expecting a guest, please call ahead to notify Security Services. Guests will be refused entry without proper approval from the resident. Calling ahead makes the experience better for the guest. We have turned guests away because we were unable to contact the resident for access approval.

Halloween festivities will take place later this month and it’s usually a major event here in Sandyport. Extra officers will be on hand to assist and ensure the festivities go without incident. Follow these guidelines to help us to keep the community safe and orderly:

  • Provide a list of invited guests to Security Services.
  • Ask guests to state the name and address of their host, we will turn away uninvited guests.
  • Non-resident participants in the festivities should vacate the property by 10pm.

Save the date

Our second annual social event will take place on November 20, 2015 at Roberts Isle recreation area. Please put this in your diary, it was a huge success last year. Formal invitations will be despatched later this month.

Finally, be safe and remember to call 327 6943 if you see any suspicious conduct.

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