Security advisory


Due to general concerns about the present crime level within the country, Sandyport Security Services would like to remind residents to report any suspicious activity. The Department has made a number of improvements to it’s systems to make the community a safer environment:

  • Video surveillance systems at both entrances and around the property have been upgraded.
  • 24 hour security is provided at the canal entrance with new video & thermal imaging surveillance systems.
  • Licence plate cameras have been installed at both entrances.

In addition to these security measures, we would like to encourage residents to take personal responsibility for their safety:

  1. Always be aware of your surroundings.
  2. If you detect something suspicious contact Security Services immediately.
  3. Ensure that your garage doors are closed.
  4. Do not leave ladders outside.
  5. Report any challenges you may have with service workers.
  6. If you sell your car, remove the access decals and notify Security Services.
  7. If there is an unexpected visitor at your property, call Security Services immediately.
  8. Lock all doors, particularly sliding doors, whether at home or absent from the property.
  9. Co-operate with security policy by rolling down your window at night if asked to do so – we may want to verify that you are not under any form of duress.
  10. Do not attempt to purchase access decals for persons who are not residents of Sandyport.
  11. If a non-resident is using your dock space, make them aware of the rules concerning the use of the waterways.
  12. If you need any assistance, contact Security Services.

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