Lawn chemical application

Please be advised that we will be carrying out a chemical application around the common areas of the development commencing Wednesday June 20, 2012.

For safety reasons, signs will be placed in the areas being treated and we would ask that parents and pet owners pay particular attention to the affected areas.

One reply on “Lawn chemical application”

This is good that SP is “carrying out a chemical application around the common areas.” Thanks for this notice, which I just happened to see when looking at the site for other reasons. It is a bit alarming to be out and about and realize TOO LATE – that the grounds have chemicals are them. (I don’t have a habit of going to this site, therefore consider myself lucky to have visited it today and read this notice. Has everyone else read this notice??)

It would be good too that an employee from SP go around after the 24 hour period and remove the flags after the grounds are free to walk on. This is not done for days.

Many thanks.

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