Important Security Updates for May 1, 2012

We have introduced further measures to enhance the security of our community as follows:

Worker Identification

All workers (including housekeepers, gardeners, handymen etc.) are required to obtain a pass and enter the property via the service entrance. Occasional workers may obtain a day pass at the entrance subject to paying a $1 deposit (refunded on exit) and clearing security in the usual manner.

Contractors and regular workers, including those that are employed by contractors, are required to purchase an annual pass at a cost of $10 per annum (or $1 per month or part thereof if purchased during the year).

To qualify for a pass the applicant should obtain authorization from the property owner. In the event that the applicant is employed by a third party authorized by the owner, such as a contractor, that third party should make the application on behalf of its’ personnel.

The annual passes expire on December 31 at midnight. Call 327 6943 for further information.


Sample ID pass

Boat Identification

All boats belonging to Sandyport residents are required to be registered and obtain a vehicle identification decal from the main security office. Unregistered boats will be refused entry after May 31, 2012.

Canal Barrier

The barrier is closed between one hour before sundown and 30 minutes after sunrise. In the event that access is required during these hours, boaters are required to notify the Security department beforehand to schedule an arrival time.

In the event that boaters expect to arrive outside of the scheduled time, contact the Security department (327 6943 or channel 72) in advance to reschedule since opening the canal barrier is a multi-step process that takes some time. Preferably notice should be given before the barrier is due to close.

Automatic Entry Lane

Under normal operating circumstances the automatic entry lane barrier will not open unless the vehicle is fitted with the requisite barcoded decal. Those attempting to enter without a decal will need to reverse and enter via the regular entry lane. For further details on obtaining an automatic entry decal click here.


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