Removal of dangerous dogs

There have been legitimate concerns raised by certain residents about dangerous dogs that reside within Sandyport. Whilst the Restrictive Covenants stipulate the weight limit of dogs to those under 50lbs, the Board determined that this should be aggressively enforced where animals are considered dangerous, such as Pit Bull Terriers. The relevant Restrictive Covenant reads as follows:

No swine cows horses poultry or objectionable animals or creatures shall be kept raised or maintained PROVIDED ALWAYS that a single dog weighing less than fifty (50) pounds when adult and a single cat shall not be deemed to be objectionable animals and providing nevertheless that they do not constitute a nuisance that they are normally kept inside the house and that they are not bred regularly.

To that end the Association has encouraged the co-operation of owners with dangerous dogs to arrange for their removal and if that has not been forthcoming, legal action has been instigated against the owners.

It is unfortunate that the Association must resort to legal action to promote the safety of the wider community however we would like residents to be aware that it is doing all within it’s power to arrange for the removal of such dangerous animals.

*** UPDATE – Nov 18, 2011 ***

An incident has been reported to the police and the matter is being handled by them. The police have advised that any owner should report any incidents of this nature directly to them and not to the Association so they can then treat as a criminal matter.

6 thoughts on “Removal of dangerous dogs”

  1. I love the Sandyport comment section. Regarding the blog on removal of dangerous dogs. I only wish the Board would go after the speeding vehicles driven by owners, guest and vendors, as much as the dog issue. A dog bite is serious and no one wishes this on anyone, but the injury a speeding vehicle can do to someone is far more serious in my estimation. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen persons driving much faster than the 15 MPH speed limit, yet nothing is done about it. I know this belongs in another blog, so I apologize in advance if I used the wrong venue.

  2. Pitbulls as a breed are not dangerous dogs. This is a very inaccurate and narrow minded stereotype. They are very gentle , loyal and intelligent companion dogs. Pitbulls – as with ANY other dog – are only dangerous if they have been trained to be that way. The owner will train them to fight by starving, beating and aggravating the dog to make them aggressive. I would be much more uncomfortable living near to a person that exercises this kind of behavior than near any other dog I have ever seen in Sandyport.

    I agree with all the other statements in that the size of the dog also has absolutely nothing to do with its behavior and nature. This is an individual issue with the owner/dog concerned and not the community.

  3. I have lived here for 3.5 years and never encountered, what I would deem, a “dangerous” dog and I am always out riding my bike, running, walking with my kids. I have however encountered many nice, friendly large dogs that my kids love to pet and cuddle. Being a former animal health technologist I have come in contact with many “dangerous” animals in my past but do not see why people with large breed dogs need to get rid of them…..most labs, retrievers etc. are bigger than 50 lbs and it is silly to say that they are dangerous breeds……most people are bitten by small aggressive dogs. You may have to make your rule more specific to the dog and less general as per the size.

  4. You will need to be more specific about the incident that occurred and the dog involved. As it stands your post will do nothing more that anger most of the community.

    Most of the dogs I see are larger than 50Lbs; you are effectively asking residents to euthanize a family member because it does not meet your specific rules.

  5. I agree with the comments that are listed under the lawn chemical post. If a complaint has been brought to the SHA the SHA should address the individual owner instead of issuing a threat of removal to all owners. Furthermore, pit bulls are not all dangerous. Just because someone has a pit bull doesn’t mean it will attack someone any more than any other dog. Instead of removal as the first suggestion, how about people keep their dogs in their yards. if the dogs continuously get out or are found running around Sandyport, then yes, removal should be considered, but for someone who has a large breed dog that stays in it’s yard, this is ridiculous. Address those who cause the problems!

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