Construction Guidelines

The Construction Application form can be downloaded here and is to be used when requesting approval for any externally visible structural changes to a property.

The purpose of the Guidelines is to assist and provide guidance with the design of homes and additional improvements, so that all development will enhance the identity, character and quality of the Sandyport community, while meeting individual residential needs.


1.1 Related Controls

All development within Sandyport must comply with the codes and regulations of all governing bodies that have jurisdiction in The Bahamas. These Guidelines are to be used in conjunction with the Restrictive Covenants set forth in paragraph 1.4 herein.

1.2 Design Review Process

Design review approval refers only to adherence to the criteria given in these Guidelines. It does not imply technical design approval of site development, structure, roofs, utilities, mechanical systems or safety requirements, or adherence to jurisdictional codes and regulations.

A design review process has been established to ensure that all development within Sandyport meets the requirements set forth in these design Guidelines and the other Governing Documents. This review covers initial site planning, architecture, landscaping, exterior lighting and exterior signage, as well as any changes, additions or renovations to any development.

The design review process is divided into two steps:

  1. Conceptual Design Review
  2. Construction Documents Review

All applications must be submitted in writing to:

Sandyport Homeowners Association Limited.
P. O. Box SP 64016
Nassau, N.P., Bahamas

Attention: General Manager

Two sets of drawings must be provided with each submittal.

All drawings for design review approval are to be submitted in a single package and must include the following information:

  1. Property Owner’s name, mailing address, e-mail address, business telephone and home telephone numbers.
  2. Property number (location of proposed construction).
  3. Name, mailing address, telephone number & e-mail address of architect or Owner’s representative. Any Owner not resident in The Bahamas must appoint a resident representative for the purposes of these procedures.

Unless otherwise indicated, all drawings submitted for design review approval shall be drawn at a minimum scale of 1/8th inch to 1 foot.

Denial of design approval requires correction of the reason(s) for denial and resubmittal for approval. Conditional approval allows design or construction to proceed to the next level, subject to the conditions being resolved by the next submittal.

Questions, meetings and informal and partial submittals are encouraged to promote early communication and resolution of issues. However, verbal responses are unofficial and are subject to change in a written response. Verbal responses shall have no binding effect on the General Manager or the Board of Directors, and each Owner acknowledges and agrees that he or she may not rely on any such verbal representations. Only written approvals from the GM are official and binding.

A non-refundable design review fee of One Thousand Dollars ($1,000) is required at the time of construction document review, payable upon application. For dwelling modifications such as extensions the payment shall be $500.00 per application. For non-dwelling applications such as docks, boats lifts or dock extensions the payment shall be $250.00 per application.

1.3 Submittal Requirements

1.3.1 Conceptual Design Review

When the initial design for the project has been prepared, conceptual drawings must be submitted to the GM for formal review and approval. This review applies to all new construction, modifications, and additions proposed for a Property and covers conceptual site planning, architecture, landscaping and grading.

The purpose of this conceptual design review is to provide the Owner and his designer with written assurance that the fundamental design is acceptable, before going to the effort and expense of a detailed design. It also provides a clear list of any issues that must be resolved in the next step of project design (construction documents design review).

Two (2) sets of conceptual plans are to be submitted for this review. These plans must include, but are not limited to, the following:

Conceptual Site Plan:

  1. Show all property lines, easements, setbacks.
  2. Show location of water, sewer and electrical connections and conceptual distribution layout.
  3. Show all buildings, walls, driveways, walks, pools, patios, atriums, terraces, and any other above-grade development.
  4. Show dimensions between existing and proposed construction and between proposed construction and nearest property lines.
  5. Include a vicinity map showing the relationships of this site to the rest of Sandyport.
  6. Include details of any proposed dock or similar feature adjoining or adjacent to the water boundary of the Unit (if any).

Preliminary Grading Plan:

  1. Show existing and proposed ground level contours and spot elevations.
  2. Show slope treatment and drainage concepts.

Conceptual Floor Plan(s):

  1. Show the layout of all rooms, terraces, patios, balconies, decks, garages and any other proposed structures and floor areas.
  2. Show the Total Building Footprint in square feet.
  3. Show the conceptual floor level elevation of all floors, terraces, patios and balconies, etc.
  4. Show all window and door openings, exterior columns, arcades, roof overhangs, patio covers, and any other features that will affect the exterior design of the building.

Conceptual Roof Plan:

  1. Show a plan of all proposed roofs with slope pitches and ridge heights above the adjacent Finished Grade.
  2. Indicate any non-standard conditions or construction requirements.

Conceptual Building Elevations:

  1. Provide at least two principal exterior elevations of all proposed buildings.
  2. Show maximum building heights above the adjacent Finished Grade on each elevation drawing.
  3. Indicate conceptual finish materials, colors and textures under consideration (including samples and color chips, if requested).

Conceptual Building Sections:

  1. Provide two primary sections through the site and the principal building. These two sections should be located perpendicular to each other.
  2. Show all significant grade and building height elevations in relation to the Finished Grade.

Conceptual Landscape Plan:

  1. Show planting concept, including locations and types of all plant materials.
  2. Show hardscape concept, including locations and materials for driveways, walkways, terraces, patios, atriums, walls, fences, planter beds, fountains, trellises and pools.

Fence and Wall Plans:

  1. Show locations, materials, colors and heights in relation to on-site grades.
  2. Show relationships to walls, fences and grades on adjacent parcels.


  1. Certificate of the architect, or other appropriate design professional engaged in the design of the project, certifying compliance with all applicable covenants, conditions, restrictions and guidelines.
  2. Construction site layout plan identifying areas for materials lay down / storage, parking, site accommodation and toilet facilities.
  3. Such other information as GM shall reasonably require.

1.3.2 Construction Documents Review

When the final construction drawings and specifications for the project have been prepared, they must be submitted to the GM for official review and approval. This review covers all design necessary for construction, including site development, grading, utilities, architecture, landscaping, walls, pools, mechanical equipment, exterior lighting and exterior signage.

The purpose of construction documents design review is to provide the Owner or developer and his designer with written assurance that the final design is acceptable with respect to satisfying the requirements of these Guidelines, and that any conditions placed on the previous conceptual design approval are resolved. It also provides a clear list of any issues that must be resolved during the construction process.

Two (2) sets of final construction plans are to be submitted for this review. They must contain, but are not limited to, the following:

Final Site Plan(s):

  1. Show final locations of all structures, terraces, patios, atriums, driveways, and walkways, etc., and show dimensions from buildings and paved areas to Setbacks and property lines
  2. Show water, sewer and electrical connection points and distribution lines.
  3. Show locations of all above-ground mechanical equipment, including electrical transformers, fuel tanks, water tanks, filtration equipment, backflow preventers, air-conditioning units, and irrigation controllers, etc.

Final Grading Plan:

  1. Show Finished Grade contours and slope treatments.
  2. Show drainage flows and catchments.

Final Architectural Plans:

  1. Show final floor plans and construction details for all proposed structures.
  2. Show the final Total Building Area in square feet, and the final floor level elevations of all floors, porches, terraces, patios, balconies, etc.
  3. Show roof plan with pitch slopes and ridgeline heights.
  4. Show all final exterior elevations for all proposed buildings, and indicate exterior colors, materials and maximum building heights above the Finished Grade on each elevation drawing.
  5. Provide two primary sections through the site and principal building, showing building height elevations in relation to the Finished Grade.
  6. Provide sample board of all exterior colors and materials.
  7. All Architectural Plans must be signed and sealed by an Architect qualified and licensed to practice in The Bahamas.

Final Landscaping, Irrigation and Pool Plans:

  1. Show type, size and location of all plant materials.
  2. Show location, materials, colors and construction details for all paved surfaces.
  3. Show location, materials, colors, heights, sections and construction details for all fences, walls, planters, trellises, gazebos and fountains, etc.
  4. Show screening treatment for all exterior mechanical equipment and trash collection areas.
  5. Show landscaping irrigation system, location and type of spray heads, and location of irrigation controllers.
  6. Show location of pool and pool equipment and plans for drainage.
  7. Provide samples of exterior materials and colors.

Exterior Lighting:

  1. Show locations, fixture heights, fixture type and type of illumination for all exterior lighting.

Exterior Signage:

  1. Show location and design details for building address.


Provide copies of all written specifications for proposed construction, including:

  1. Site work
  2. Architecture
  3. Landscaping and irrigation
  4. Exterior lighting and signage

No site work or construction shall commence until issuance of written approval of the Construction Documents by the GM, and receipt of a valid Building Permit, Insurance certificate and any other permits or approvals required to be obtained from any Governmental Authority having jurisdiction.


  1. No lot or group of lots in SandyPort may be divided or sub-divided into smaller lot or lots.
  2. No trade manufacture business profession or commercial undertaking (including the business of a guest house proprietor boarding-house keeper or hotel operator) shall be permitted on any lot and no lot shall be used for any purpose other than residential purposes.
  3. No “duplex house” apartment house hotel or other building designed for occupation by more than one family with its guests and servants shall be built on any lot. Notwithstanding the foregoing the Vendor shall be at liberty to construct apartments condominiums or townhouses on any lot or lots pursuant to its power of modification or variation and release hereinbefore contained.
  4. Not more than one private residence or dwelling house with appropriate outbuildings (including rooms for accommodation of guests servant’s quarters and garage or combined garage and apartment) shall be built on any lot. Provided Always that nothing herein contained shall be deemed to restrict the building of one private residence or dwelling house on more than one lot.
  5. No building fence wall or other structure including but not limited to, garage, swimming pool house drives parking areas landscaping sea wall slip, boat landings, dock, piers dolphins or mooring posts modifications or alterations (“Structures”) whatsoever shall be erected placed or altered on any lot or canal unless and until the proposed detailed plans and specifications thereof shall have been approved in writing by the Vendor. All structures shall be of the Sandyport Georgian Colonial style. Every application to the Vendor shall be in writing and shall be accompanied by (a) the detailed plans and specifications of the proposed Structures including adequate off street parking and exterior colour (b) the details of the proposed type of construction (c) a plot plan showing the proposed location of Structures on the lot and (d) a drainage plan showing the position of drainage swales and conduits and (e) a construction schedule (collectively called “the Plans”). Such approval shall not be given if the Vendor in its sole discretion determines that the proposed Structures would affect the integrity (by appearance or otherwise) or endanger any part of the remainder of the Sandyport Property or buildings. The issuance by the relevant Government authorities of a building permit which may be in contravention of these restrictions shall not prevent the Vendor from enforcing these provisions.
  6. No building generally shall be of a construction other than reinforced concrete frame and masonry block with reinforced concrete strip foundations and reinforced concrete ground slab. Exterior walls are to be finished in cement stucco rendering with painted finish. Doors and windows are to use colonial style muntins where not covered by a balcony or roof. The roof structure shall be designed to meet with the wind velocity requirements of The Bahamas Building Code. Roofs shall be shingled with wood or three (3) dimensional ragged cut asphalt. Utility connections shall be underground. Chain link shall not be used for fencing. The cables and wires for the supply of electricity, water, telephone and sewerage shall be installed under the roadway running along the boundary of a lot and all connection charges shall be for the lot owner.
  7. No building if consisting of one storey shall have an interior area of less than One thousand five hundred (1,500) square feet or if consisting of two stories shall have an interior area on the ground floor thereof of less than One thousand (1,000) square feet PROVIDED THAT such interior area as herein prescribed shall be measured from the outside of each wall and shall not include garages terraces decks open porches screened porches and the like areas.
  8. No Structure shall be built erected or landscaped other than according to the Plans approved in writing before the same is commenced and shall not after be altered in external appearance without the like approval of the Vendor in writing.
  9. If within forty-five (45) days after the issue of a receipt in writing for such Plans by the Vendor no written objection shall have been received by the owner from the Vendor then such Plans shall be deemed to have been approved.
  10. No Structure shall extend beyond the setback lines or height hereinafter stipulated provided that where more than one lot is intended as a single building site the setback lines between contiguously owned lots shall not apply and the setback lines shall be calculated from the perimeter lot lines of the multiple lot site and the following provision of this paragraph shall be construed accordingly. No structures including porches or projections of any kind shall be more than three (3) stories in height with a maximum of forty (40) feet in height above ground level; at a lesser distance than twenty (20) feet from the road boundary line; at a lesser distance than five (5) feet from the side boundary lines, at a lesser distance than twenty (20) feet from canal front boundary line. No docks or jetties shall extend beyond six (6) feet from the canal front boundary line or extend to within six (6) feet each side boundary.
  11. No fence wall or boundary structure shall exceed four (4) feet in height three(3) feet on the canal front boundary or be erected closer that eight (8) feet from the road boundary to avoid the drainage and utility easements which are up to five (5) feet wide on each side of the road. Nothing shall be done over on or under the areas in respect of which easements are expected or reserved for utilities which will or may prevent impede or interfere with the use of such areas for the purpose of laying erecting inspecting maintaining repairing replacing and renewing cable pipe lines conduits wires poles and other apparatus for the purposes of supplying water electricity and telephone services in Sandyport and for the purpose of providing drainage and sewerage facilities to Sandyport and every part thereof.
  12. No temporary building of any kind shall be built except sheds or workshops to be used only for the works incidental to the erection of any permanent buildings.
  13. All construction activity on any lot and traffic shall be subject to the general supervision of the Vendor.
  14. Nothing shall be done or permitted or suffered to be done on any lot which may be or become an annoyance or nuisance or danger to the owners or occupiers of adjoining lot owners or to navigation of the waterways.
  15. An owner whose property borders on or includes the Sandyport security fence shall not breach the fence in any manner and shall report to the Vendor anything or matter which might cause the integrity of the security of the fence to be lost.
  16. No immoral improper offensive or unlawful use shall be made of any lot.
  17. No commercial fishing boat shall be docked at any lot.
  18. No swine cows horses poultry or objectionable animals or creatures shall be kept raised or maintained PROVIDED ALWAYS that a single dog weighing less than fifty (50) pounds when adult and a single cat shall not be deemed to be objectionable animals and providing nevertheless that they do not constitute a nuisance that they are normally kept inside the house and that they are not bred regularly.
  19. No sign billboard boarding or other advertising device of any kind shall be erected or displayed on any lot and PROVIDED THAT nothing shall be deemed to restrict the erection of property identification and like signs and PROVIDED THAT such signs do not exceed two square feet (2sq. ft) on the surface area.
  20. No radio or television antenna or satellite (dish) antenna shall be erected on any lot that is not adequately screened so that it is not visible from the street or waterways.
  21. No private water well shall be drilled or maintained on any land without the written approval of the Vendor.
  22. No earth closet septic tank or open pit toilet or cesspit shall be constructed or maintained on any lot after the installation of a main sewerage disposal system by the Vendor. Except with the prior written consent of the Vendor no domestic wastes shall be discharged or disposed of otherwise than into property installed septic tanks and after installation as aforesaid the Sandyport sewerage disposal system.
  23. No large trees measuring six (6) inches or more in diameter at ground level may be removed from any lot without the written approval of the Vendor unless located within ten (10) feet of the main dwelling or accessory building or within ten (10) feet of the approved site for such buildings.
  24. No burning or incineration of any trash, garbage, garden cuttings or other rubbish shall be permitted on any lot. No trash, garbage or other rubbish shall be permitted to accumulate on any lot otherwise than in a container or containers provided therefore by the owner ad shall not ordinarily be visible from the street or waterways and if after Thirty (30) days’ notice the owner shall fail or refuse to keep his lot free of refuse piles or other unsightly objects then the Vendor may enter upon the lot and remove the same at the expense of the owner and such entry shall not be deemed a trespass.
  25. No trailer boat recreational vehicle tent tree house or other similar out-building structure or article shall be placed on any lot at any time either temporarily or permanently that is not adequately screened so that is not ordinarily visible from the street or waterways.
  26. No owner shall permit or suffer to be done or keep in his house or upon his lot anything which may increase the rate of insurance on adjoining lots on the Sandyport property or any part thereof or which shall obstruct or interfere with the rights of other owners or cause annoyance to them by noise or smell.
  27. No owner shall allow any structure on his lot to fall into a state of disrepair nor weeds, under brush or unsightly growth to remain thereon and all garden areas shall be landscaped groomed and maintained in a reasonable manner and all walls roofs and other structures whatsoever properly painted and decorated in keeping with the high standards of the Sandyport Development as a whole. If the owner shall fail to maintain his structures or landscaping after notice in writing then the Vendor may enter upon the lot and undertake necessary repairs or landscaping at the expense of the owner and such entry shall not be deemed a trespass.
  28. No farming or planting of vegetable or produce shall be carried out on any lot until a house has been constructed thereon and occupied.
  29. No building or other structure shall remain unfinished for more than One (1) year after the same shall be commenced.
  30. No garments rugs bedding washing and the like shall be hung from windows or balconies or the patios of any house or garden area thereof that is visible from the waterways or the road.
  31. No unreasonable noise shall be made in any house and an owner shall cause reasonable care to be exercised in the use of musical instruments radios television receivers amplifiers and the like upon his lot.
  32. An owner may lease or rent his lot and premises provided that the lessee is bound by all the conditions restrictions and stipulations to which the owner is subject.
  33. The owner shall observe and obey the rules for the use of the Common Areas of Sandyport promulgated from time to time by the Vendor in accordance with the terms of the License to the user thereof or for the use of the waterways.
  34. No owner shall fish water ski or operate a jet ski in the waterways of Sandyport. A maximum speed of five (5) miles per hour shall be observed by watercraft in the waterways.
  35. The failure of the Vendor to enforce any covenant or condition herein contained shall in no event be deemed a waiver of the right to enforce the same or any other.


Property Owners and their Contractors are required to fully comply with these regulations:

2.0 Pre-construction

  1. Construction approval must be obtained in writing from the Sandyport General Manager (hereafter referred to as GM.
  2. One (1) complete set of the Ministry of Works approved Construction Plans including a valid Building Permit must be provided to the GM
  3. A pre-construction meeting must be held between the contractor, the GM and the Sandyport security manager to discuss construction scheduling and regulations. It is the contractor’s responsibility to communicate to and ensure that all of his employees and sub-contractors act in accordance with the construction regulations
  4. At the beginning of construction, the foundations for all proposed development within the Building Envelope Area must be staked and surveyed by a land surveyor qualified and registered to practice in the Bahamas. A certified copy of this survey must be submitted to the GM for verification of approval before continuing with construction.
  5. Proof of comprehensive Builders’ risk insurance to limits of cover reasonably acceptable to the GM, and listing the Declarant and the Association as additional insured.
  6. Payment of the building fee for new dwellings in the amount of $2,500.00.

2.1 During construction

  1. All construction must be built according to approved plans.
  2. A copy of the signed construction authorization document and the approved construction drawings must be kept at the construction site at all times.
  3. Construction activity is permitted only between 7:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on Mondays through Friday save for excavation work which is permitted until 3:00pm. No construction is allowed on Saturdays, Sundays or Public Holidays. Any construction activity considered a nuisance can be stopped by Security and workers may be asked to leave.
  4. All work must be done in a safe and orderly manner. The contractor and Owner shall be responsible for the safe and clean operation of the site.
  5. The contractor is responsible for avoiding damage and making full repairs to any Common Areas, developed or undeveloped properties, streets, sidewalks, utilities, lighting, signage and/or landscaping in the vicinity of the construction site. Before heavy equipment is permitted on the property the owner shall agree to indemnify the Association, by way of written agreement, against loss or damage caused by such equipment. Heavy equipment will be denied access if no specific indemnity is in place from the owner in a written form held at the security gate.
  6. Grading and construction activity may not adversely impact adjacent Properties, Common Areas, or Private Amenities.
  7. Steps must be taken to control dust, water runoff and soil erosion, and protect designated plants, natural features, adjacent Properties, Common Areas or adjacent Private Amenities.
  8. Contaminated water runoff will be required to pass through a sedimentation process prior to discharge to any outflow or watercourse.
  9. Children and other people not working on the project are not permitted on the site.
  10. The Contractor is responsible to effectively prevent unauthorized access to the site or building by fencing the site or blocking access to the building under construction.
  11. All materials on site shall be stored in a safe and tidy manner. No materials are to be stored within the Setbacks of any property. In the event of a forecast tropical storm and/or hurricane the contractor will be required to secure any construction material which could be hazardous to the neighboring properties and the community in general.
  12. All design changes in the field must be submitted to the GM for approval.
  13. Spot inspection may be conducted by the GM to verify that construction is in conformance with the approved plans.
  14. Forthwith upon completion of construction and prior to any occupation the owner is to submit to the GM a copy of the occupancy certificate issued by the Ministry of Works.

2.2 Authority to stop work

  1. If any of the construction practices set forth in the above are not followed by the contractor, the GM has the authority to stop work until all procedures and practices are in full compliance.

2.3 Limit of work area

  1. All construction activity must be fully contained within the boundary lines of the property. No work areas, trash areas, storage, unloading, parking or support activities may occur on adjacent properties, streets or open areas, unless specific permission is obtained in writing from the GM. All construction debris is to be deposited in a dumpster with a cover which effectively contains debris stored within. The dumpster is to be emptied periodically, before the, debris reaches the top of the dumpster. All garbage, specifically construction workers’ left over food, is to be removed from the construction site on a daily basis.
  2. Contractor must ensure that the site is kept free of rodents. Proof of regular pest control schedule maybe requested from the contractor. Failure to comply can result in the site closure.
  3. If the contractor fails to keep all construction activities confined to permitted areas, the GM has the right to stop the work, have the site made safe, construction materials and equipment removed, and charge the Owner with the cost incurred in enforcing any compliance with the regulations.

2.4 Work access and parking

  1. Permission for access to the construction site must be obtained from the GM. The Contractor is responsible to provide a list of all workers and sub-contractors employed on a specific project and ensure that the workers can provide proof of identification upon entering Sandyport if requested by Security. Any person who refuses to submit identification will be denied access.
  2. Construction workers and equipment access may be limited to specific routes to the site, as determined by the GM.
  3. Permission for parking of all construction and personal vehicles must be obtained from the GM.

2.5 Work area services

  1. The Owner and his contractor, is responsible for co-ordinating with the respective agencies for all utilities services connections including, but not limited to, the following: Water meter, Temporary and permanent power, Sewage system, Telephone & Cable TV.
  2. The Owner and his contractor, must provide temporary on-site toilet facilities for construction crews. These facilities must be cleaned and serviced regularly.
  3. No construction workers may be housed on the construction site.
  4. No food services are permitted on site, unless specifically approved by the GM.

Download the Architectural Guidelines

Download the Indemnity Agreement (must be executed by the Association)

Revised December 29, 2016.


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