Security advisory

We would like to remind residents that Sandyport continues to be one of the safest communities in the country. Access is well controlled and documented at all official entry points. We operate a verified patrol around the clock to provide a visible presence. In 2016, we increased the number of cameras in service for wider coverage. We address weaknesses as they arise in the perimeter, for instance by replacing chain link fence with walls. Workers need ID passes to enter the property. Visitors must have invites from residents. Our security department received a commendation in an independent review conducted last year.

The Directors review all security reports and determine if we should raise the alarm to all residents. If there is a perceived threat to the community, we circulate a notice. In some cases, the Directors will not circulate an advisory as it does not wish to cause undue concern.

We inform the police of suspected crimes but they will only take a crime report from the victim. Our security team provides support to the police department together with access to CCTV footage and access control logs.

Rest assured that we will inform you of any security threats. In the meantime, if you see anything suspicious, call 327 6943 and for emergencies select ‘0’ at the prompt.

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