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Changes to acceptable roof designs


In light of the extensive roof damage created by Hurricane Matthew, the Board has considered the possibility that owners may want to use alternative materials better suited to severe weather events. The Restrictive Covenants state the following:

The roof structure shall be designed to meet with the wind velocity requirements of The Bahamas Building Code. Roofs shall be shingled with wood or three (3) dimensional ragged cut asphalt.

The Architectural Guidelines (revision 3) also state:

Roof construction comprises timber trusses with wood or ragged cut architectural asphalt shingles on felted plywood sheathing to roof slopes with galvanized or copper flashings, timber dormer construction where applicable and insulation to roof spaces.

Cedar wood or Celotex Dimensional III or comparable fungus resistant shake shingles that are class ‘A’ fire rated in a shade of grey. Finishes with similar appearance are allowable. Apply rain gutters with down pipes to all roof edges.

The Directors have determined that if an owner wishes to install a roof that does not comply with the guidelines, consideration shall be given to only those that are both sympathetic to the Sandyport style and are designed to withstand extreme weather events such as a category 5 hurricane. We strongly recommend that Grace Ice & Water Shield (or equivalent) is used where the installation requires an underlayment to provide added protection against water damage.

All new construction is subject to an application and approval process. Reconstruction of existing features, provided there is no material change to the dimensions, appearance or materials used, do not usually require approval by the Association. If there are changes to the dimensions, appearance or materials used in any construction visible from the exterior then an application should be made to the Association and approval granted before any work commences.

If a construction application is filed for a roof that does not conform to the guidelines, the Association will, at its sole discretion, grant approval only if it believes it is of suitable aesthetic and structural design after considering the parameters set out above.



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