Community and policy updates – April 2016

Officer designations

At a Board meeting on April 25, 2016 the Directors resolved the following Officer designations:

  • Chairman – Robert Sands
  • Treasurer – Bruce Knowles
  • Secretary – Scott Farrington

Expired boat permits

Sandyport boat permits expire at the end of each year and less than 50% of community boaters are in possession of a current Association issued boat permit. Boat owners without a permit prefixed with number ’16’ should apply for a new one from Security Services at the main gate to avoid any inconvenience.

See requirements and download application form.

Construction applications

Any structural changes (other than to vegetation) visible from the outside requires approval by the Association in advance of starting the work. These include but are not limited to generators, fences, home extensions, docks, walls etc. If in doubt, contact customer services for guidance.

If an owner installs or constructs a feature that requires approval from the Association and does not file a construction application, a retroactive application will need to be made in order to regulate the construction.

The Board has determined that the fees for a construction application made after the work starts shall be double that of the standard rate, according to the nature of the application. The policy change is effective from June 1, 2016.

View the construction application fee schedule.



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