Community and policy updates

At a Board meeting on April 13, 2015 the Directors resolved the following Officer designations:

  • Chairman – Robert Sands
  • Treasurer – Bruce Knowles
  • Secretary – Scott Farrington

The Board reviewed the list of recommended improvements and selected the following for completion in 2015, subject to available budget:

  • Renovate the Beach Lane parking area
  • Renovate the Roberts Isle recreation area
  • Replace the Eastern perimeter fence with a wall
  • Renovate the Clipper Island recreation area

We are inviting feedback from the Community concerning the above proposed projects and any other suggested works for prioritization. Feedback may be posted in the comments section below.

In order to improve vehicular access control, identity decals will be mandatory for installation on all resident’s vehicles. The identity decals are complimentary and may be collected from the security control room located at the main entrance. After July 1, 2015, residents in vehicles without a decal may experience delays accessing the property whilst Security Services carry out their procedural checks. Replacement decals are available upon expiration, which is at the end of each year.

The Association supports our right to clean air and encourages residents to attend the Breathe Better Bahamas Campaign on April 25 at Rawson Square. Full details are available at

One thought on “Community and policy updates”

  1. Will the Western perimeter fence also be replaced with a wall, like it is the intention to do with the Eastern perimeter fence?
    I would like to hope so.

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