Registered vessel decals

Boat decal

Owners of registered vessels may collect an identifying decal from Security Services for attachment to the port side. A visible decal will allow Security Services to identify registered vessels and start the access control process. All registered vessels are subject to access control but those bearing the decal will help us to deliver prompter service.

Access control only applies to boats registered with Sandyport Security Services. Unregistered boats may use the canal basin only and are not permitted to moor in the community nor are they required to clear Security Control. All traffic passing through the canal inlet is subject to surveillance.

Registered boats must belong to the property owner or their tenant. Apply for registration with Security Services as follows:

  • Form SC-BR to be completed and submitted together with copies of the following documents:
  • Government ID (Such as Driver’s License or Passport) of the registrant
  • If the boat or property ownership is in a Company name, the share certificate issued by the Company detailing the beneficial owner
  • Boat registration document bearing the registration number of the boat and the owner information
  • Clear photograph of the boat including the registration number (if possible)

Security Services will issue a permit in the form of an ID Card that bears a unique permit number, the vessel registration details and name of the owner. Users of registered boats will be required to stop and present their permit when passing Security Control at the canal inlet. If an attempt is made to remove a registered boat without presenting a valid permit, Security Services will deny egress and notify law enforcement if appropriate. Therefore ensure that the permit is kept safe and apart from the boat whenever it is not in use by authorised persons.

The following policies apply to permits:

  • The expiry date is December 31st annually
  • Holders should report missing permits to Security Services
  • If a boat is sold, return the permit to Security Services for cancellation

Effective January 1, 2014.

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