Halloween festivities


Halloween season is upon us and as is customary, it will be celebrated in a big way at Sandyport. Security Services will be highly visible during the festivities.

There are a few safety tips we would like for you to keep in mind during this celebration to ensure the festivities are enjoyable for all Residents:

  1. Provide security with a guest list.
  2. Ask guests to state the name of the resident who invited them upon their arrival. Security Services will not be allowing any uninvited persons on to the property.
  3. Children engaging in trick or treating should be accompanied by their parents or guardian and only visit homes with lights on. They will be required to vacate the common property by 10pm.
  4. Ask children to refrain from throwing eggs and avoid using firecrackers near occupied homes.

In conclusion, we wish to assure you that our Security presence will be more visible during the Halloween festivities to further ensure the safety of children.

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