Garbage collection service

garbage-bagsResidents are reminded that garbage should be properly disposed of in an appropriate receptacle which, if stored out of sight, should be brought to the attention of our garbage collection service so that it may be emptied regularly. Garbage should not be stored on the side of the road and if a common area facility is used, care should be taken to place the garbage inside the receptacle and not on top of the lids nor to the side. Housekeepers should also be made aware of this requirement as garbage is routinely found resting near a receptacle that is empty. The garbage collection service removes regular household waste only; alternative arrangements should be made for the removal of construction debris and other junk. A junk removal service is available for an additional charge.

The guidelines relating to garbage state as follows:

No burning or incineration of any trash, garbage, garden cuttings or other rubbish shall be permitted on any lot. No trash, garbage or other rubbish shall be permitted to accumulate on any lot otherwise than in a container or containers provided therefore by the owner ad shall not ordinarily be visible from the street or waterways and if after Thirty (30) days’ notice the owner shall fail or refuse to keep his lot free of refuse piles or other unsightly objects then the Vendor may enter upon the lot and remove the same at the expense of the owner and such entry shall not be deemed a trespass.

Under section 24 of the Second Schedule to the Conveyance homeowners are responsible for providing a proper place for garbage cans to the style generally adopted at Sandyport. That is a block stuccoed and painted garbage can holder designed to prevent general view of the garbage can(s) or the knocking over of garbage cans by wind, children, dogs and so forth.

Co-operation is appreciated and helps to reduce pest infestations which ensure Sandyport remains a healthy environment for all to enjoy.


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