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Attempted Vehicle Hijack – JFK Drive past Airport Industrial Park


Please be advised of the following alert reportedly issued by the Lyford Cay Property Owners Association regarding an incident which allegedly occurred Saturday (25 May 2013) – this past weekend:

“We would like to inform and caution you about the following incident which occurred outside the Cay early this morning: –  At 2:49 AM, of this date a resident reported to Lyford Cay Security Control that while travelling East on JF Kennedy Drive in area just passed Airport Industrial Park, he observed a vehicle behind him with its headlights on full, he slowed down to allow vehicle to pass of which a Silver Kia Sportage SUV possibly 2011 or 2012 pulled up alongside him, and cut in front, his instinct were to reverse his vehicle, one male wearing a green shirt was running towards him and  pointing a handgun in his direction, he turned his vehicle around and headed back towards Lyford Cay as fast as he can, of which same vehicle was pursuing him; when he arrived in the area of Solomon Fresh Market, he noticed 3 cars travelling towards them , the vehicle slowed down, and upon his arrival to Cay he noticed that he was no longer being chased. Lyford Cay Security escorted then him to Lyford Cay Police Station to give a statement. Please exercise caution and be attentive to your surroundings at all times and, report any suspicious activities to Lyford Cay Security immediately at 362-4555/4444.”   Here is additional guidance on “what to do if you suspect that you are being followed” courtesy of the Old Fort Bay POA:

1.       Should you suspect you are being followed do not panic.
2.       Do not show fear by slowing down or speeding up.
3.       Proceed directly to the nearest Police Station, or a security check point of a gated community such as Old Fort Bay or Lyford Cay.
4.       Use your cell phone to alert the police or the security check point of choice.
5.       Be sure to give your location and direction of travel and description of your vehicle and if possible the description of the vehicle you suspect is following you.  The Police Emergency Number is 919
6.       Please note if you are in the vicinity of the airport, there is an Airport Police Station at the Airport Roundabout.  Airport Police Station: The Telephone Number is 377-8213 or 377-8391.
7.       Alternatively, if you are in the Cable Beach area, there is a Cable Beach Police Station between Commonwealth Bank and Fidelity Bank. Cable Beach Police Station: The Telephone Number is 327-8800
8.       Please be reminded of The Old Fort Bay Security Command Center Numbers:  362-6001 or 6003 or 362-5740
9.       You may want to include any emergency numbers in your cell phone.   Thanks again to representatives from Old Fort Bay (POA) and the Lyford Cay (POA) for sharing this important information which helps to safeguard our collective communities.

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