Tenant or vehicle changes


All residents are reminded of the procedure for obtaining and a decal and, of particular importance, what to do when  a vehicle bearing a decal is sold.

The automatic entry system works by reading a barcode that is attached to the right side of the vehicle at a height of about 50″ from the ground (plus or minus 12″) then automatically opening the barrier for authorised barcodes on entry only. The barcode is printed on a decal that will require application by our Security department and residents wishing to purchase them should observe the following guidelines:

  1. One decal needs to be applied per vehicle that requires automatic entry, therefore each additional vehicle requires the purchase of another decal
  2. To purchase a decal first pay the $50 one-time non-refundable fee at the Management office, you will be issued with a receipt containing the barcode number which will need to be presented on installation
  3. Contact our Security department on 327 6943 and arrange a time to apply the decal
  4. During installation, the Security department will confirm the location of the decal with the driver, test that the position works with the reader then apply it upon confirmation
  5. If the decal becomes damaged, a replacement decal may be purchased (no exchanges)
  6. The decals are not designed to be transferred from one vehicle to another as they will become damaged in the process; therefore if a vehicle is being replaced, allow for the purchase of a replacement decal
  7. If the vehicle is sold or no longer requires automatic entry, notify our Security department so that the barcode number may be deregistered from the system, thereby disabling the vehicle’s ability to enter automatically

The property transfer form should always be completed in the event of a change of ownership or tenancy.

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