Canal entrance – dredging update

Work was stopped by the Authorities following a complaint concerning the environmental impact of the dredging to clear the canal inlet. Our legal team are working with the appropriate Government Departments and as soon as we receive the necessary clearance(s), work will resume.

We apologise for any inconvenience this causes, however we must comply with any orders issued by the Government.

4 thoughts on “Canal entrance – dredging update”

  1. I agree with August. We are now in May and this issue comes up everytime.Whem are we going to be proactive on this issue, not retroactive. This is not the first time we have had issues with the dredging. The permit needs to be applied for months before the dredging is needed. A depth measurement needs to be taken on a regular basis, and when it goes below 50% of the desired depth, that is when we need to apply for the permit. We cannot wait for the canal to be blocked before we begin the process. It is boating season, not to mention a long holiday weekend this weekend. and we cannot get our boats out of the canal. We live in this community so we can use our boats, and maintaining the canal is part of the property management that we pay for.

    1. Good Day Pablo,
      Please note that we now have the dredging permit. We are scheduled to dredge on Tuesday of next week. Also note that under this administration this is the first time we have never had an issue with obtaining a dredging permit. We have always requested our permits in advance and have recieved the approval in less than 5 weeks.

  2. it was well known by the Sandyport Homeowners Assoc. Management that a dredging permit is needed. this should have been done middle of January when the first order for the dredging was placed.with the permit in place nobody could have stopped the dredging work. (last time a dredging permit was issued in January 2010, copy was send by me to Simon Cooper) the Sandyport canal is blocked since middle of January, with proper management/planing we would not have this kind of problem

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