Important notice for pet owners

notice for pet owners

Dangerous dogs

There have been legitimate concerns raised by certain residents about dangerous dogs that reside within Sandyport. Whilst the Restrictive Covenants stipulate the weight limit of dogs to those under 50lbs, the Board determined that this should be aggressively enforced where animals are considered dangerous, and have been reported to the main office on more than one occasion. The relevant Restrictive Covenant reads as follows:

No swine cows horses poultry or objectionable animals or creatures shall be kept raised or maintained PROVIDED ALWAYS that a single dog weighing less than fifty (50) pounds when adult and a single cat shall not be deemed to be objectionable animals and providing nevertheless that they do not constitute a nuisance that they are normally kept inside the house and that they are not bred regularly.

Pet waste on common areas

We would like to remind all residents that the recreation areas are for the enjoyment of the whole community and, as such, we appreciate the co-operation of owners disposing of their pet waste at one of the conveniently located stations.

Pet waste on private property

Please ensure that the garden areas of the property are kept free of pet waste as the gardening personnel do not service affected areas.

We appreciate your assistance in improving our community.


2 thoughts on “Important notice for pet owners”

  1. I’m grateful to be alerted when something new has been posted to the site. Of lately, the post about dangerous dogs concerns me as one of my dogs has been attacked two times by two different dogs. Both situations were not pleasant and potentially life threatening to my dog, and possibly to me.
    Not that I would like for a dog to be removed from its owner, however, it if attacks – action of some sort needs to be taken, whether it be by the owner or by someone in authority.

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