Security updates for the 2012 holiday season

2012 holidays

Warm Season Greetings!

The Holiday season is here and we would like to encourage all residents to be more vigilant than usual when it relates to matters of security. To increase the Security Department’s effectiveness, we have upgraded the CCTV system and engaged the assistance of dog patrols during the 4pm-8am shift.

Christmas Festivities

Residents are reminded to submit their party guest lists to Security to avoid delays upon their arrival. We would also like to encourage residents to be considerate of their neighbours when hosting parties by keeping the noise level to a minimum. Please observe the guidelines in this regard which state “No unreasonable noise shall be made in any house and an owner shall cause reasonable care to be exercised in the use of musical instruments radios television receivers amplifiers and the like…”

If residents are leaving the home for any significant length of time, instructions can be left via our ‘Going away‘ service. Remember to leave emergency contacts and any other special instructions.

IDs and Decals

Please be reminded that all IDs become invalid on December 31, 2012., these include those for maids and personal gardeners. In addition, vehicle (auto and marine) decals are now being issued for 2013, the 2012 decals will become invalid on December 31, 2012.

Boat Registration

Please co-operate with our security personnel who will be contacting residents concerning the proper registration of boats located within Sandyport.

Finally, be safe and enjoy the holiday season!

Sarah Barton
Head of Security Services

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