Inaccurate news report

It has been reported in today’s Tribune that a rape occurred inside of Sandyport. There is no record of any rape taking place inside our Community. Residents should be assured that our security department continues to be vigilant in its efforts to keep Sandyport a safe and secure place to live.

It should be noted that this same report was published in the Tribune in February 2009 and can be viewed at this link:

Today’s article can be found here:

**** Update June 27, 2012 ****

Correction printed in today’s Tribune.

3 replies on “Inaccurate news report”

Congratulations on getting your correction to this supposed story on to the website so quickly – in fact, within minutes of it appearing on the Tribune’s site, and for your dectective work in finding its predecessor.

In contrast, the performance of The Tribune is lamentable. Despite its blatant inaccuracy, it is still the lead story on their website a day later. Its reappearance as a new story after some 3 years cannot be blamed on a computer glitch, as the headline must have been composed yesterday in The Tribune’s new online style. Hardly inspires confidence in the rest of their reporting. In the words of Mark Twain: “Never let the truth stand in the way of a good story…”

yes, thank you for posting this update. i was relieved to see this was an inacurate report. having said that … extra measures should be taken at the gates and within our community. stay safe everyone!

Thank you for this information. I was just coming on the web to enquire about this report. I do feel secure in Sandyport with the Security constantly driving around, kudos to them. Meantime we all still must take extra pre-cautions no matter where we are.


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